Clay Aiken Fancies Himself a Destroyer of Bigots’ Careers


When those living outside the world of Claynation take notice of what a certain America Idol runner-up writes on his blog, it’s usually the beginnings of a singer-on-singer controversy (which ends with apologies). But Clay Aiken doesn’t only blog about fellow reality show contestants. He also takes on legislative bigots!

Yesterday, Clay updated his legions with this news in a post titled “Warnings”:

I’m a little late on this one, but… be careful. Don’t breathe in around me!

In debating the School Violence Prevention Act during a legislative session, NC General Assembly Minority Leader Skip Stam (R*-Wake) said that “explicitly protecting gay kids from bullying would lead to pedophilia and gay marriage,” The man, who has obviously come unhinged from reality also argued that gay parents are “more dangerous than second-hand smoke.”

I hope I haven’t caused any health problems for any of you!

What a dumbass!

Do enough of you guys live in southern Wake County to help him lose his job next year?

Once a closeted homosexual, now a homosexual advocate calling on his minions to do God’s work!

(Thanks, Sam!)