Clay Aiken Is Trying to Team Up With Adam Lambert? Ha Ha


So what if Clay Aiken sometimes turned to the Internet for romance? Maybe it worked out for him. Maybe it didn’t. But it probably was no preparation for the type of snubbing he received when visiting American Idol.

The (label-less?) Idol runner-up popped up at the show last week, reportedly unannounced and “expecting the VIP treatment.” In what can only be described as a planted item, this report says Aiken is persona non grata at Idol because he dumped the show’s management team at 19 Entertainment and, supposedly, convinced Kelly Clarkson to do the same. Because he has superpowers! Which means, uh, the employees at the crafts services table give a shit about Aiken scoring an extra bottle of Fiji? Apparently so: “Boy, did they hustle him off the premises as fast as possible,” says an anonymous source.

But what’s the point of an Idol-planted snipe at Aiken in the press? Perhaps to keep the distance between Aiken and this season’s expected winner Adam Lambert. As the gossip mill has us believing, Aiken is “reaching out” to Lambert “for a possible duets album and concert tour.” LOL, right?

It’s a pretty ridiculous stretch, because 1) Lambert will be tied up with his own record and tour and press marathon over the next 24 months; 2) 19 Entertainment owns Lambert for the foreseeable future, and won’t be lending him out so Aiken can remake his image; 3) It’s still unclear how open about his sexuality Lambert will be, and teaming him with Gayken will only assure more headlines.