Clay Aiken: Mentally Retarded Hero


We’ve just gotten word that former American Idol and would-be gay icon Clay Aiken will soon be part of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

There’s really too much in there – once we got going, we’d never stop. Not coincidentally, Aiken has a new album coming out: A Thousand Different Ways.

What’s that? A thousand different ways he allows himself to be the butt of a joke? Not here. Not now.

The picture’s enough for us.

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  • erik

    guess what, queerty! clay was never an american idol. so don’t refer to him as “former American Idol.”

    he lost to some fat kid, remember?

  • Paul

    While the other legitimate news sources all use the same press release wording, you choose to show just how much class you DO NOT HAVE by your headline regarding Clay Aikens appointment by the President.
    In today’s world too many people feel like the world owes them something and they don’t have to give anything back.
    Go ahead and try to tear Clay down if that’s how you get your jolly’s. But then ask yourself, what have you done lately to give back to the world.

  • Polly

    Clay Aiken is about as much of a would-be gay icon as he is a former Am. Idol. You’re wrong in both instances.

    Can’t any of you gays ever take a break from the bashing long enough to congratulate someone for an accomplishment?

    You’re all such low-lifes. And if you’re not, then why do you act like it? Show a little class…

  • Chris

    I’m sorry Polly but calling someone gay is not a bash. In many instances it’s just a fact. You appear to be too homophobic to understand that though.

  • Gaykin

    I love it how straight women and over zealous queens always come to Clay Gaykins rescue. This isn’t CNN girls, it is a fun gay blog, get over it. Queerty I think you guys are great and screw Clay and all his lame ass fans. (Kisses).

  • Paul

    Can someone explain to me the gay community’s obsession with Clay Aiken’s sexuality? If he is gay isn’t he allowed to come out when he is ready just as Lance Bass did. How many gay people had a hard time coming out to their family and friends, much less the entire world? Gay people want to have the same rights as straight people and be treated the same and not be made fun of, yet they make fun of Clay all the time. Is it because Clay is so beloved by millions of fans that the gay community wants him as their banner bearer? If he came out, would the jokes stop? Just curious. I would really like to know what the deal is.

  • FizziekruntNT

    Sister, when you’ve got a boyfriend that looks like Reichen Lehmkuhl, who’s gonna mess with ya? Everyone just says “oh well” and the happy couple either fades off into oblivion or some bitch fight will break out and get splashed all over the headlines. Being one of the “beautiful people” just happens to come with a few benefits. Unfortunately, the Gayken looks too much like Annette Bening doing a character study as a gay closet-case shrouded by the mysteries of the Bible and self-loathing. The jokes about Clay won’t stop, just as sure as Lohan is going to keep flashing her cootch. The headline is hilarious. Keep ’em coming. And Polly, if Clay has any sense of humor whatsoever, he’d laugh too. Congratulations, Clay. I hope you do a great job.

  • Polly

    I’m sorry to post here; I wasn’t aware this is a closed forum.

    Chris, don’t talk to me about being homophobic. Is that your first line of defense in every discussion? All we have heard for 8 months is “Clay’s gay, gay, gay…he likes cock. He likes to take it up the ass. He’s queer, he’s a faggot, etc,” from the gay community. Go read the thread at Perez if you don’t believe me. “Clay contacted me on Manhunt, or etc… And Perez is the biggest offender.

    Clay has said repeatedly that he is NOT gay. And his fans have said it would make no difference to them. But suppose he was? What kind of a climate have you created for him to come out in? How have you helped your own cause for equal rights by your own actions? Is it one of acceptance and love? If so, I sure haven’t witnessed it. It seems to me that you all do to one another exactly what you claim to despise.

    My brother was gay, and I watched him suffer “needlessly” before he took his own life. There’s something cruel and inhumane in forcing others to do things before they’re emotionally ready. And it’s even sicker to do it for “fun” and “sport.” All actions have consequences, or haven’t you learned that yet?

    Clay may always be plagued by “gay” rumors, it’s true. But if and when he should come out of an imaginary closet, that should be his decision to make. He shouldn’t be forced out amidst snide gay remarks and cruel innuendos, or people just having fun on a gay blog.

  • kizmet

    Polly, Polly, Polly, Clay has not repeatedly said he’s not gay, he said it ONCE over 3 years ago. Since then he’s simply avoided answering the question. I’m proud of him that he hasn’t lied about it or bearded like so many gay celebrities do. I do agree that he shouldn’t be forced out like that stalker of his did to him, but making jokes isn’t forcing someone out, it’s a JOKE. Get a sense of humor, Clay has one, it’s a shame so many of his fans don’t.

  • spiffy

    The whole point of outing someone, used to be if the person was doing harm to the gay community. (And I can’t believe I’m going to be defending him, considering my opinions of some of the AI contestants.) Aiken has done nothing to harm our community — I think this is almost like the school bullying situation — he’s being made fun of because he’s not conventionally good-looking (God knows I’ve done my share of trashing someone because of their appearances.) But really, who cares if Aiken is gay? The most hilarious thing I find in this entry is “President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities”…

    “Intellectual Disabilities”? Are you kidding me? Is that really what you want to call it?

  • Chris

    Polly, Sweetheart, when you make a comment like, “you’re all such low-lifes”, in reference to gay people it makes you a little homophobic now doesn’t it?? You think? Maybe a little? Hmmm?

  • Don

    You people really are nuts. You insist someone is gay who says he isn’t. Who are you to know better. And for the person who said it was mentioned once 3 years ago, try again. Even if it were only mentioned once, how many people CHANGE their sexual orientation–even after 3 years. My understanding is you either are or aren’t. There’s not a lot of room there for thinking about it and changing your mind. He said he isn’t–why do think that has changed just because he doesn’t address the issue every week. Should he include in every interview over the last 3 years “oh yeah, and I’m STILL NOT Gay. ” How stupid would that be ? The gays like the ones here and the other stupid blogs really are hurting themselves and their cause by constantly wanting to say everyone and their brother is gay. The tolerance and acceptance you fight for is being lost because of the attitudes you show to anyone you “want” to be gay and a role model for you. Why would anyone want to be? Like it or not, the man says he isn’t. Until he says otherwise I will believe him, not a bunch of gossip bloggers.

    And WHAT HAVE YOU DONE lately for the good of someone other than yourself? He is constantly trying to do things for the betterment of mankind and especially children. Maybe you should try it sometime and quit focusing on sex and sexuality. And no I am homophobic. I have many gay friends and family members. Makes no difference to me as I don’t define a person by sexuality — I prefer using their intelligence, personality, character and morals — of which you have very little.

  • Lora

    I so hope that in your future, any children you may have naturally or choose to adopt, are perfect. If not, I feel sorry for the lack of not only intelligence you show, but compassion.

    Sometimes things are better left unsaid.


  • mary

    I don’t get it…you think he’s gay and you hate him for it but you hate him for not saying he is? What’s the story? My impression from this article alone is the the gay community has a lot of anger, resentment and disrespect for people. For a group who is looking for respect and recognition, you sure are a surly bunch of militant critics. Even when a good thing is reported about this man, you just can’t stop.
    Personally don’t think he is gay and it wouldnt matter at all if he was! I got this only because I happened to google his name to look up something else. I couldn’t believe the garbage I picked up.
    Seems you need to find something worthwhile to do with your life and some anger management. At least Mr. Aiken seems to be doing some good things with his life. Kudos to Clay!

  • Maria

    Your choice of wording (mentally retarded hero) is not at all funny. You comment that its a JOKE people and we should lighten up. Give me a break! You are a disgrace and I hope that in your lifetime you do not ever have a child with a disability such as autisim because you certainly do not sound like you would be an empathetic parent. Mr. Aiken has done more for his fellow human beings in his short time in the limelight than you will probaly ever do in your lifetime. His sexuality is his business and not yours or mine. Why not just give the man his due respect for the wonderful accomplishment he has earned and leave his personal life out of your comment. Maria

  • Wendy

    Ok, i cant believed what i just read in the first comments of this article, and i cant believe the article itself! it’s so much disrespect for someone who has done nothing, NOTHING, to you guys! Somebody says it’s a joke… well, when you say retarded hero, it’s not a joke anymore! if that is your sense of humor, you should really consider some real therapy. i have nothing against gay people… i think most of them are even funny and generous… and they are good friends. but on the internet, and especially on this thread, i just cant believe how extremist you are! If you are gay, and if you think Clay is gay, then maybe you should support him a little bit? you know better than anyone else how emotionally difficult it can be for a gay person to be accepted by society and by his fellows. you should know it’s not easy for someone to just tell the world he’s gay. All that is, supposing he IS gay, which i do not believe it’s true.
    So leave him a little bit of privacy, and please stop these kinds of articles. it’s not instructive, it has no purpose, and it shows disrespect. i dont see the point of this. Really.

  • Silly Rabbit

    Wow – all these militant straight people. Someone needs to teach them how to take a joke.

  • dave

    Hey, Chris, what does being a low life have to do with someone’s sexual orientation? You sound like being gay gives you license to act like a total jerk and if anyone calls you on it, then it’s being homophobic.

    And please quit trying to disguise your insidious remarks as a joke. Bunch of bullies is all you are.

  • Chris

    Dave, maybe if you read Polly’s comment you would understand? “Can’t any of you gays ever take a break from….” “You’re all such low-lifes.”. Hmmmm – sounds homophobic to me. What if I said, “can’t all you straights take a joke, you’re all such low lifes”? What would you think of that? Would you call me a jerk then? Who’s hiding? You sure can dish it out but you can’t take it.

  • Joyce

    Okay, this article is SO offensive. And not because of any mention of Clay being gay. This is old crap that I choose to ignore. What is worse is the title of your trash. I have two disabled kids and while Clay spends a good portion of his life trying to HELP my kids and others like them, stupid people like you guys make fun of them. “Mentally Retarded Hero”? Do you REALLY think that was FUNNY? Well I am sure Clay would agree with me that you all are the ones with a mental problem. My kids were born with Autism, what is your excuse? You crossed a line that most decent people wouldn’t, doesn’t that make you SO proud of yourselves. I feel sorry for you.

  • Kim

    I can just imagine those people who dish out this crap. They probably think they’ve written something so funny. Well, as you sit there with your high hat on allow me to remind you that ignorance is bliss. Let’s start respecting individuals with disabilities.
    As for Clay, leave the man alone! How about focusing on the great things he has done since achieving fame? I wish more “celebs” could be as passionate about helping others as he is.

  • Raymond Marble

    How did all these damn claymates find this blog? All you moms just need to go rub one off on his autographed 8×10 glossy and give us a break.

    And Joyce. Oh, Joyce. Thank you for feeling sorry for us. I feel so sorry for you and your life too. What a horribly sad and disappointing life a decent person like yourself must have.
    Doesn’t that feel awful to read? Someone getting all superior and judging you and your entire life all over one simple opinion?

    P.S. When is Queerty going to address the extremely negative reception they got to the layout change? This new look is still ugly, but I still love the content.

  • Fat Bastard

    Maybe he’s gay and just doesn’t realize it yet.

    Just a thought…

  • some guy

    You ROCK, retarded people suck!

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