Clay Aiken Performs, People Go Crazy


Re-meet Michael Sandecki. He’s the American Idol contestant, ousted long ago, who will forever be compared to Clay Aiken. During last night’s finale, Michael was welcomed to perform one last song on stage: Elton John‘s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”

And that’s when he lost his shit because, as it turns out, Clay Aiken did show up at American Idol. And performed. With Michael Sandecki. And Michael Sandecki lost his shit — as anyone who’d be interested in gay webcam sex with Clay might.

After the jump, the full clip of Clay’s performance*.

(Updated with a working – that is, not removed by YouTube – version as of June 1.)

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  • erik

    i think that was the gayest moment in television history!

    i’m so glad that’s up on youtube! i was looking for it last night right after it happened, but it wasn’t there yet. :)

    thanks, queerty!

  • thomas

    wow, that was soooooo gay!

  • NYC Reader

    Kudos to Michael Sandecki – my roommate pointed out he wore a gay pride pin at his audition. He gets major credit for being out and proud at his age… I’m sure Clay was terrified :-).

  • Becki

    I don’t care about any of the gay rumors about Clay.. I personally don’t think he is gay and that guy who outted him did it for his 15 minutes of fame not to mention he was trying to promote his new porno that was coming out.. but regardless.. whether you think clay is gay or not.. you have to admit that, that boy has got a voice.. By the way our wedding will be next May… :) I’m obsessed with him!! He is so cute!

  • Stroll

    Gayer than when George Michael and Elton John performed the song. Clay looks like KD Lang and sounds like Cher in this performance.

  • Dean

    I can’t WAIT to hear what Kathy Griffin has to say about that.

  • Ridwah

    I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in that debacle.
    And what the hell is up with Clay’s make-over? If they were attempting to butch him up, they need to go back to the drawing board.

  • Sarah

    Am i the only one who actually thinks this kid has a mental disorder and it is kind of messed up that people used him as enertainment when he might actually have a problem?!?! Ok but im not going to lie.. I did laugh REALLY hard though!!

  • Mary

    Clay looked HOT! Whoa! And he was very kind to Mr. Sandecki.

  • Hephaestion

    How did we get all these straight teenage girls writing comments here at QUEERTY?

    Their hope springs eternal, doesn’t it? Imagine believing that Clay Aiken is straight! Ha! They need to go see “Brokeback Mountain” post haste, and realize that the ONLY reason Clay hasn’t come out publicly is because homophobic Americans might drop his career like a hot potato if he were honest. However, I pray that he DOES come out, because he will be a thousand times happier once he does. And he will gain a whole NEW audience… one that doesn’t insist on him LYING every day of his life.

  • Capitán Intriga

    Clay looked HOT?

    I just can´t stop laughing. That clip is great. You can feel the love at the set

  • Chelley

    I watched this last night and nearly lost *my* shit laughing so hard. Special needs or not, that Sandecki kid is so genuine and Clay looked as if he was gonna crack up. When Clay smiled, I was like, “Ahhhhh, so that’s how those Claymates feel. I get it now.” But seriously? Anyone who doesn’t think Clay is gay needs to have the gaydar in the shop for some work. But that John Paulus outing thing was *not* chill.

  • Frank

    Wow, we have Claymates posting on Queerty. Welcome, ladies.

  • Cheryl

    When I saw this last night I thought Michael Sandecki was the biggest geek / awkward kid I’ve ever seen and I felt they were making fun of him. Then when Clay joined him onstage the kid was so genuine, excited, and in awe that I found it very touching and funny in a sweet way. I have bad gaydar but even I can tell Clay is gay. I’ve always liked Clay – maybe it is because we both had similar experiences with terrible loser fathers – but I wish people would give him a break on the web cam thing. It was stupid but get over it. Also, I had heard there was talk about Fox TV not having him appear because of it and I hope that was just a rumor and had no truth in it. And no, I’m not a Claymate. I’m a hard rock chick and unless he turns into Rob Halford, I can’t bear that cheesy overblown Celine Dion-ish type of music (instead I like that cheesy overblown guitar type of music).

  • Blue Gal

    I think it’s cute that straight teenage girls are coming to Queerty to watch Clay Aitken sing Elton John in front of Ryan Seacrest. Ryan was kind to get that Sandecki kid off the stage. And this is, by my count, the second most gay moment in the history of television. That time when Anderson Cooper asked Ryan Seacrest about his big pink tie with Nicole Richie looking on was the first.

  • Cheryl

    Forgot to add that I thought Clay resembled Lindsay Lohan.

  • Brooke

    Excuse me, but I thought Clay was hott too.

  • Brytt

    HAHAHAHA …. He really did look like KD Lang!!! He REALLY did! … I how ever, do not think he sounded like Cher, Just a 15 yr old gay boy, doing a really bad impression of her! …

  • Becki

    Damn right I’m a straight teenage girl who LOVES Clay.. and damn right I’m a claymate. That boy is damn sexy and if you don’t believe me go look at the American Idol post boards! Face it guys.. Clay may be showing YOU up! Don’t hate.. maybe you can learn a few things from him :) Just Kidding relax! But like I said before he sold millions of records for a reason whether it’s his boyish charm, his good looks or that incredible voice you decide.. but the fact is, is that he made it and he’s laughing his ass off to the bank.. and you can’t contradict that point! He’s a hottie and talented what a combo.. :)

  • Sarah

    ok so wut is up wiht u ppl ??? clay aiken is a role model to look up to and i dont think that he is gay at all , so if u wanna say that …. then ur all pho duckin’ idiots !!!

    U ROCK CLAY !!!! I LOVE U !!!!

  • Kevin

    I lOVE that there are Claymates on the board — surfing the web for Clay info. You go girls! But remember, there are many of us who have had backgrounds similar to Clay, without the fame and fortune, of course, and can easily recognize one of our own. So, when Clay gets around to coming out, and he will, just remember he’s the same Clay you loved before with the same sensitivity, incredible voice and bad hair. If you abandon him then, a lame Claymate you will be.

  • Tiffani Lampe

    Hi Y’All!!

    I live in a little trailer park just this side of the Whytrash Mountains of Connecticut. And I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about my Clay being gay! Why of course he’s gay. His smile is so cute and his eyes just sparkle so and he’s always laughing and carrying on crazy like. I get gay too just watching him. Lordy, mercy me! Why is everybody so upset?

    Now I agree with everything that Becki girl said earlier (but I didn’t understand the part about him being a hottie. He don’t have no fever, does he? Cause my granny has a receipt that will cure that). But anyway, the reason I love Clay so gosh darn much is because, see, my Ma is drunk all the time cause Pa’s in the pen and her 22 year old boyfriend is always at me when she’s passed out cold, wantin’ to rassle. But it ain’t like no rasslin’ I’ve ever seen. So I guess I love Clay so much cause when I look into his big doe eyes and listen to that silky voice I just don’t believe that he could ever get me in a atomic pile driver like Cletis does (Cletis is my Ma’s boyfried).

    Anyhoo, this is the little prayer I say each night before I go to bed, Clayboy, Clayboy, my true love, come a swoopin’ like a dove. I truly believe my Lord and Savior Simon Cowell will hear and answer my lonely plea.

    So Clay, if you ever read this, you just go on being as gay and carefree as the Good Lord will allow. And if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, just swoop me on up.

  • hawtdoggie

    I think all of you are bitches! Clay Aiken is not gay. they are just spreading rumors about him. He was my most favorite American Idol. I love him no matter if he’s gay or straight.

  • kimi428

    I’ve never really been in love with a singer until Clay Aiken came along. Unexpectedly, I fell for him when he was just a contestant in American Idol. Everytime he sang, I got teary-eyed. I love that he has an INCREDIBLY voice and a heart of gold (helping those in need), not to mention cute!! Now that he’s changed his hair, he’s even cuter!!! If he is indeed gay,then I will be dissappointed at first. However, I will be happy that he will finally be true to himself. He’ll still be a wonderful singer and person in my eyes, gay or not. Clay, if you read this, I think you are PERFECT!! I will always love you!!

  • Avery

    I always thought that Clay Aiken was just a gay guy that couldn’t really sing. Who cares right? Wrong! I watched the finale of American Idol and I didn’t recognized him! He looked hott when he did that sort of Beetles look! Wh0 cares if he’s gay or not, he’s hott!!!!

  • Jen

    Oh dear lord. I had forgotten clay could sing!!! Who cares if he’s gay. He’s funny, cute, and an incredible singer.

    Being a cute gay guy doesn’t stop girls from having crushes on them. Just look at my old high school. Gay guy who sings well and is beautiful to boot… all the girls still love him.

  • ALLY


  • Da Girl

    This should all be dropped, everybody who said that this preformance was gay should be ashamed, your assholes. He is talented gay or not. Live with it.

  • America's Girl

    O My Gosh!! U idots!!!!!! Just cuz he is sweet 2 his fans and is an awesome singer (and so HOT!!!!) you are saying he is gay! All guys don’t have 2 be jerks that sing horrible. Just when someone different who is a gentleman comes along you have to assume he is gay!

  • alisonangus

    I can’t believe everyone is saying Clay Aiken is gay. Now I’m not a claymate but I do agree that people shouldn’t judge other people before they actually understand all of the facts. I do love Clay Aiken because he is a good singer and he cares about other people. I’m not saying that he’s not hot[because he is] it’s just that there’s more to him. I’ve liked him since halfway through season two. He turned me onto American Idol and music in general. He is a major influence on kidsfor his kindness and good spirit. I thought it was great that he performed on the finale because he reminded everyone how good of a voice he has. That one performance has changed everyone’s perspective about him. So he may be gay, or he may not be. But whichever one it is, it should be his decison whether he tells people. I agree that he isn’t gay because he said so on interviews and in magazines. Gay or not, he touches people’s hearts in a way no other person can touch. Whether or not he is gay, I don’t care if hells tells us or not because that is personal business that everyone should stop going through. This gay stuff is really getting obsessing. For example, people are questioning on whether or not Taylor Hicks is gay. I mean people, stop digging through the personal issues of other people.


  • Becki

    I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with all these comments so far and I didn’t think I would start the claymate train..but in response to those who posted that they woudl hope that I would still love clay if he was gay or not.. of course i would.. he’s amazing all around.. all i’m saying is that I don’t think he is gay and that’s my opinion. But regardless like I said before I’ll say it again he is a true role model and a model person to look up to. He’s good looking, has a great voice and is probably one of the most humble celebrities I have seen.. based on how he carrys himself around his fans and concerts.. he appreciates everything and he knows his roots and where he came from which is extremly important he doesn’t take his fans for granted and he truly has his feet on the ground and that’s something you rarley see now a days… CLAYMATE 4 LIFE!

  • Vickie

    Who cares is Clay is gay? What difference does it make to any of us? Oh, exclude Kathy Griffin’s career from the previous comment. The guy can sing and I still say he IS the American Idol of year 2 (sorry Reuban). I think his new look is good, kinda european and more sophisticated. I liked the hair even though I didn’t recognize him right away. Suit looked great. What’s not to like?

  • America's Girl

    O MY GOSH!!!! Who has seen those webcam pics of Clay. They are posted on some website. The pictures are of Clay (one of his chest) and on them he is saying like “I need a guy that I can trust” and “I am an extremely good kisser”. I can’t believe Clay is doing this to all his fans!!
    O and Taylor Hicks IS NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tabitha

    Clay aiken is sooooooooo cute with his new look.

  • Jennifer

    First let me start by saying that I am no teenager……no claymate…..surely not gay…..but I do have an opinion. I was surfing the net for into about Clay coming out. I had heard that he came out the same day as the show. However, even though I am not the biggest fan of Clay (more of a rock/country person), I still think that ragging on him about being gay is stupid. Who cares one way or another what he is? Yes, I have seen Brokeback Mountain and it doesn’t matter. If you think about it, those people were just actors. So, lay off of Clay. Don’t be jealous just because a lot of people like him. If he is gay, so be it…..he will come out when he feels like it. Until then, grow up!!!!!

  • Leanne

    I found the Clay/Michael “duet” the only “real” moments of the show. I (a married hetero) thought it was terrific. Personally I believe Clay is gay, BUT, I have to say I couldn’t possibly care less. He has an incredible voice and seems to be a truly nice person.

  • Curious

    Um, since when did young girls read Queerty? I must have missed a memo.

  • kizmet

    The video isn’t working and I’d love to see it again. Anyone got a new link?

  • sandecki84

    i am mike and yes it was cool i had a blast and hope to go on futher!

  • Gemma Bowden

    I loved Clay Aiken but I wanted his normal hair not the new look!

  • Deanna

    I don’t care what other people think Clay Aiken is hot and sexy. And I love the hair!!!U RULE FOREVER CLAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  • Kevin

    Girls, this is a queer website where we queer ones like to hang out (Hi Michael!). This certainly does not mean you are not welcome, you just might not enjoy the pictures and stories the same way we do. Then again, maybe you will.

    But you should understand, when we say that we know Clay is gay, we are not insulting him. We’re just saying what we bellieve to be true. As I said in an earlier post, it is not difficult for us to recognize one of our own.

  • Girlie

    Clay has denied that he is gay so I am going to believe him until he says that he is. Shouldn’t you hear it from him first before you start judging him? Even if he is gay god and I will love him just the same……..Just not what he’s doing!!!!!Oh, yeah and he looks SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO HOT with the new look!!! Do not change it!!! Love You FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Girlie

    Oh yeah I forgot to add, I think that Clay is not gay, but michael is. Oh, and girls have just as much rights as guys do to be on queerty. If I want to express myself then I’m going to do it.

  • maggie

    Their is some resembelence between Clay and KD Lang, but the real question is who is hotter & who has the better voice? Thats pretty obvious to me. And whats up with Clay being gay? Personally I don’t think he is. It wouldn’t matter anyway he would still be hot, rich and famous. SO THINK WHAT YOU WANT YA FREAKS!!!!!!! LOVE YOU CLAY!!!!!

  • gi

    you guys are so mean! clay was a nerdy kid before american idol, thats why he never had a girlfriend, dont call him gay! hes not! hes a talented, sweet person who is an amazing singer and he is kind to his fans…get over yourselves, hes not gay you retards..he is my favorite

  • Kevin

    Uh…Girlie, my pointing out that this is a queer website was for Chloe’s sake, who had asked, “What is this website anyway?” You’ll see that most of those commenting are happy to have Claymates on board.

    There should be no surprise that speculation regarding sexuality occurs on a queer website. I don’t think that makes us “freaks”, Maggie, just gay and human. Unless a gay man is self-loathing, there is no judgment in that.

    Can’t say that I’ve ever heard Clay deny being gay, and recent events would appear to negate such protestations, but there is likely no gay man (or lesbian) on earth that has not denied being gay before it was time to come out. For now, that’s just the way it is.

    Now, fun music talk — Actually, a Clay and KD duet would be outstanding!

  • Maggie

    First of all Kevin I think yuor disgusting, thats gross having sex with guys. And I wasn’t refering to gay guys being freaks, I was refering to people who think Clay Aiken is gay are freaks.

  • Zach

    Okay, I don’t like Clay’s music and I don’t get his attraction, but I respect another person’s right to like him. But why do so many people have such a problem with someone being considered gay? It’s not an insult. In my opinion, it’s a compliment. Those who are posting on this site need to respect the people that it is mainly intended to serve. Gay people like myself don’t usually have a problem with having straight people participate in our ‘world’, for lack of a better word, but they need to give a little more respect to their space.

  • Kevin

    Agreed Zach. Many of the comments would seem to suggest than one cannot be gay and “nice”, a “gentleman” or a “role model”. Such a stereotypical mindset keeps too many closeted for far too long.

    As one who liked Clay from the first time I heard him on AI, at first I was pleased to see the contributions of Claymates at Queerty. However, some (not all) seem to not demonstrate the characteristics they admire in Clay, and forget to ask themselves, “WWCD” (What would Clay do?). Use of words such as “freaks”, “disgusting”, “retards”, “idiots”, “jerks” and “bitches” (Okay, that one may be true.) seems a classless act and likely reveals more about the contributors than they might really want others to know.

    To Google into a Queer website and then be surprised by sexual orientation speculation is like walking into a grocery store and being stunned that food is sold there or that Starbucks serves coffee. If sexual orientation speculation offends one’s sensibilities, there certainly are plenty of websites where it does not occur. May I suggest Clay’s official website?

    Maggie, dear, I hope I don’t sound too condescending when I say that you really must settle down and think before you write. Are you aware that in your last message you have implied that you are a lesbian? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • kizmet

    Chloe, thanks for the video link, the replacement video they put up has been taken down AGAIN. I loved watching it again, such unbridled joy from Michael, bemusement from Ryan, and a good performance and killer new look from Clay. One of the best moments on TV all year for me.

  • Maggie

    Okay, Kevin it was my fault for not arranging my words correctly. What I meant was I think that it is wrong for one man to have sex with another man. (I AM NOT A LESBIAN!) Here’s the thing, god created a man and a woman for a purpose so they can create a baby, and that baby (when it grows up) will start a new generation for that family. Now how can you fulfill that purpose if one man and another man have sex? It’s genectically impossible, for them to produce a baby. (Same thing goes for women who have sex together.) So Clay and K evin if you read this, Before you do anything with another man ask yourself is this the TRUE purpose of sex? And Kevin I will have to agree some people do take being gay as a compliment, and for some odd reason I will respect that. Because some gay boys are very fun to go shopping with! And if youv’e ever watched this home decorating show their is this gay dude on thier and he is very good at decorating homes ! I don’t know what other things gay guys are interested in because I’ve never met one. (my friends cousin was the one who went shopping with the gay guy.)

  • Chloe the Claymate

    Thanks for the explaination Kevin. I get it now….QUEERty. Dah!

    What exactly does yours, mine, or Clay’s sexuality have to do with the price of tea in China?

    Leave Clay alone!!!!!!

    Oh and to Maggie, who says she has never met a gay guy, statistics say if you’ve met 10 people, you’ve likely met a gay person. They don’t wear “Hello I Am Gay” badges. LOL

  • Kevin


    Well this discussion has wandered far from its original intent and consider this my last contribution. Thanks for your thoughtful response. In discussions, when name calling begins, as was the case in earlier postings, listening stops.

    You should understand that if you live and breathe, you have met many gay people. Chloe has provided you with the statistics. However, because of the frequent negative reactions from and prejudices of others as demonstrated in this thread, many people stay closeted.

    You should also understand that the gay community is much more diverse than fun shoppers and designers on TV. I personally know gay men and women who are veterinarians, school administrators, teachers, physicians, sales representatives, actors, singers, engineers — the list goes on and on. You speak of the community almost as amusing pets and being very superficial. The truth is much more interesting.

    I am very well aware of the biological function of sex, but thanks all the same for the information. The idea that the sole purpose of sex is for procreation is a belief shared by various faith traditions. But let’s take your reasoning to its logical conclusion. If the sole purpose of sex is to make babies, then shame on the older couple beyond child-bearing years. What about the couple in which one of the members is medically unable to have children? What about a couple that must use contraceptives in order to protect one or the other from a transmittable illness? Are they having inappropriate sexual relations?

    You seem to assume that the sole purpose for a gay relationship is sex, and for some, that may be true. However, for most people, gay or straight, the much more important drive is the need for relationship — a relationship in which one finds the other half of oneself. One of the beauties of a free society is that we don’t get to decide what that looks like for others.

  • PJ Dodgy

    AAAAAARGGGHHHHHH! OK, I think we can go with the majority on this one: clay is gay. And even, by the most distant stretch of reality it turns out that he’s truly a kinsey-1 heterosexual….well, he’s still gayer than many a homosexual.

    Maggie, I don’t agree with your statements, and in fact they’re archaic. Procreation is nice for keeping society going, but it’s not the whole ball of wax. Just ask a couple in their 60’s who have been married 30+ years, and cannot have any more children, but nevertheless who still love each other deeply. I think they’d be offended as I am by your claims that their relationship no longer has validity because it can’t result in more offspring.

    And Clay, if you are reading this (and that’s a real stretch, t00), a fair amount of the public already thinks you’re gay, and you still achieved a measure of success. If you are, then say so proudly. There will probably be little downside and an incredible amount of upside. You are who you are. Other people can’t take that from you, but, unfortunately, you can voluntarily give it away….

  • Maggie

    Kevin(and chloe) I had no idea that so many people were gay! You personally know a gay actor? That’s……. cool!!!! well I am very well aware of people having sex to show their love for one another. If you have an illness….. that’s a different story!!! I don’t have enough time to go into all of that cause I would be here all day! and what the heck did you mean by I speak of the community fo amusing pets/ animals? Most of the community’s that I know of have people!!!!! and I know that the sole realationship in gay people is not just sex, theirs other reasons as to that you may be attracted to this guy or you enjoy his company I still think that it’s wrong but hey i’m just one person you do what you think is right.

    Oh and I think that you got your words mixed up in your last paragragh Kevin, the correct term is WWJD (What would JESUS Do) think of that before you do anything.

  • Hannah May

    Um, PJ Dogedy I think that maggie was just pointing out that thats the true meaning of sex, she never said that old people couldn’t……do it. PersonallyI don’t know many old people that would want to, and if that affends you than I am very sorry.

    Besides all that I came here to talk about clay…. not old people. Anyways, I don’t think that Clay is gay at all. He seams like a very…put together young man.I think that the person ( I can’t remember his name) who said that he had unprotected sex with clay was payed for saying that. The crazy things that people will do for money. well anyway I am sorry again…. PJ if what I said earlier in my message affended you it’s just what I believe. Oh, yeah and Clay if you read this PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE OR CUT YOUR HAIR IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

  • kizmet

    Being gay is not an illness, Maggie. I really hope you are very young and are just not wise yet. And not everyone is Christian, and I couldn’t care less what Jesus would do, so please don’t preach.

    Also, none of us know Clay, so none of us know what he’s really like, and that includes his sexual orientation.

  • Maggie

    You are a very brave boy to be talking about Jesus that way. I am not trying to preach, but maybe people like you need to hear some. You should care what Jesus would do because when your in a tight situation, it’s not like your gonna call on the devil for help. I know that not everyone is christian and if you were, I’m sure you would have manners. Maybe you need to work on them…..Oh and i’m not stupid, I know that being gay is not an illness, I was ansewering to Kevin’s column. Obviously you didn’t read it close enough.

  • Mary

    I just checked out this site. I’m not a Claymate, and I’ve been reading the comments left by his (presumably female) fans on a poll, and they seem to honestly and sincerely believe he’s not gay; moreover, they find him sexy in a prepubescent sort of way. I find delusion on such a mass scale really disorienting. I can’t believe so many people would believe something that’s pretty apparent to me. I wish he’d come out just so they’d stop doing that.

    I wonder how many of them would still be his fans if he were to announce he’s gay.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading the posts, especially Kevin’s.


  • kizmet

    Maggie, I think you are the one who needs to learn some manners, so maybe next time you won’t come into our house and pee on our carpet. My friends who are Christians are wonderful people who are all about love not condemnation and bigotry as you appear to be. I think that’s probably how Clay feels, too (getting back to the subject at hand). Oh, and do you really think that the alternative to calling on Jesus is to call on the devil?

  • Chloe the Claymate

    If sex without procreation is wrong, is masterbation murder?

  • GiGi

    What a bunch of sick gays you are. With the sick rhetoric you have posted here you have set back all the good that the gay movement has accomplished this past year. How could anyone be expected to support the gays when they read crap like this leveled at a young talented performer who has the RIGHT to say, or not say ,if he is gay. I have gay friends who are disgusted and ashamed at your breed of gays. Wise up….if you want full acceptance in the straight world this is NOT the way to get it. My gay friends are intellegent, tolerant, talented people………..I embrace them into my straight world because I respect them – first. Is there one among you who has the guts to apologize to Clay Aiken? Of course not.Yours truly…SICKENED June 9/2006 11:am

  • carrie

    Kevin, I wanted to thank you for being such a gentleman to the many Claymates who stumbled onto this site.

    Maggie, I’ve been married for almost 30 years, am definately through having children, but still have sex. Yes, I believe God created sex for procreation, but also for a human beings enjoyment. Also, I didn’t marry my husband just so we could have legal sex. I married him for companionship, which is what I believe most people, gay or straight, look for in a relationship. There are a few certainties in life I believe in, Maggie. Foremost is that God created me, just like he created Kevin and the persons who come to this site on purpose. Everything else is how we make the most of life between the time we are born and the time we die. It seems to me that you were judging those who come here. Surely I hope not b/c if you truely believe in WWJD, he himself told us to leave the judgemant up to God.

    For those of you that frequent this site, sorry about the invasion. Be safe!

  • Chloe the Claymate

    I just figured out Clay’s new look!!! It is to make certain that he is not mistaken for Michael Sandecki! LOL

  • lindsay

    clay is not gay…he used to be but not anymore
    his hair is so amazing…all of you need to stop saying things about him being gay because you guys are more gay than he is no offense

  • fifif

    this is true:
    GOD made Adam and Eve – not Adam and Steve
    learn from this

  • CFWilzn

    I think that Clay is gay — but he grew up in an atmosphere where it just was not very acceptable to “come out.” Sexuality is more complex than many people make it. From an objective standpoint, one would think either that Clay has a hyper case of asexuality or is repressing his gay sexuality. Of course, the reason many men traditionally have been unattached and asexual has everything to do with guilt and negativity that is attached with the gay life. Sure, there have been advancements, but things are much tougher being gay than being ambiguous.

    Of course, that is why many Hollywood stars, who I will not name, who are not hiding the fact they are gay do not opening talk at pressconferences about being gay. Red state America buys a lot of movie tickets, cds and watches lots of tv (just like blue state America). Blue state America realy does not care that much one way or another about sexuality (well, at least they are not as uptight as Red State America). In the Red states this is a big deal — so why blow that much in concert and record sales.

    Clay’s fans are mostly women. So were Liberace’s. Liberace never really came out of the closet — though it was always obvious. Clay may go down the same road.

    Who knows — as sexuality can change to some degree (Elton John was married to a woman 20 years before being married to David). It is not as black and white as some would say.

    Anyway, those are my observations. Though I am an openminded person who is liberal on many issues, I am not gay.

  • CFWilzn

    One comment — I mistakenly said “hiding the fact that they were not gay” when I meant to say that some Hollywood stars hide the fact that they are gay.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Shae

    I think Clay Aikens looked really good better then his dorky look before. I love his new hair and style. Hope he keeps it, cause it’s fuckin’ awesome!

  • Chloe the Claymate

    I like what you said CFWilzn. You are I would get along famously.

    People shake their heads at me when I explain that I really don’t have faith in the labels heterosexual and homosexual. I believe you are attracted to or fall in love with who you are attracted to and fall in love with. Sure, I’ve always had relationships with men, but who is to say that someday I might not find a woman that I have the same feelings for. While today the thought of kissing another women seems distastful, perhpas it is because I haven’t meant the right woman. Sorta like I find the thought of kissing my neighbor distasteful yet we both practice heterosexuality.

    I don’t understand why we have to place such an emphasis on those labels. They seem irrelevent unless you are wanting to date someone then it might be nice to know ;)


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