Clay Aiken’s Democratic Opponent Dies, Leaving Outcome Of Too-Close-To-Call Race In Question

clay-aiken-congressClay Aiken’s Congressional hopes took a strange turn Monday, when his opponent in the Democratic primary in North Carolina, the inopportunely named Keith Crisco, died from injuries suffered in a fall. Aiken, the former American Idol runner-up, and Crisco faced off against each other just last week in the primary, with results too close to call. (Aiken was ahead by 369 votes.) The pair were awaiting the results of an official canvassing, due Tuesday, before deciding on next steps.

Out of respect for Crisco, Aiken suspended his campaign activities “as we pray for his family and friends.” Crisco had sunk thousands of dollars of his own money into the campaign, hitting Aiken for his absences while serving on a Bush-era presidential commission on people with intellectual disabilities. 

According to the state Board of Elections, if Crisco, who was 71, pulls ahead of Aiken in the official count, the Democratic party would choose the final candidate to run against incumbent Republican Renee Ellmers.

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  • mz.sam

    Some will consider it Divine Intervention.

  • NomNomNom

    Clay already won last week. Crisco demanded a recount and refused to concede last week. As long as Clay got 40% of the vote, which he did, and there was more than a 1% gap in the count in Clay’s favor, which there was, then there is no run-off or automatic recount. Crisco would need to pay for it himself. Too bad he died but he wasn’t going to win either way.

  • DK

    Uh oh. Andrew Sullivan and Bill Maher will be blaming in gay mafia for this.

  • Will L

    @DK: Yes… he died from injury suffered in a “fall.” Did you notice the NBC link? Did they REALLY have to include a picture of Clay Aiken being all happy under the headline “Clay Aiken Opponent Keith Crisco Dead”. I’m sure the picture was unrelated but it contained a silent message.

  • Ben Dover

    So you’re saying Clay Aiken will just barely squeeze in without Crisco?

  • BJ McFrisky

    Clay Aiken murdered his political opponent?
    Uh-oh, this does not bode well.

  • RSun

    @Ben Dover: Nice.

  • betrthanu84

    @Ben Dover: Oh, that’s rich!

  • blondeboyz

    Which nut job on Fox news will imply that Clay Aiken had something to do with the death of his opponent? You know, it is part of our GAY AGENDA my pretty.

  • drivendervish

    I am pretty sure the gay mafia set up a hit on Mr. Crisco. LOL

  • Billysees

    @Will L:

    “I’m sure the picture was unrelated but it contained a silent message.”

    Good observation.

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