Cleaning Up After A Dirty Trick

Up in the great state of Massachusetts, there are alas some backwards nincompoops trying to undo the normalization of marriage. They met their foes recently in the Statehouse, where the two sides traded accusations relating to alleged dirty tricks.

Gay Wedding

For those Queerty readers who suffer dirty tricks, we feel your pain. You meet some irresistible hunk who seems like the perfect tool to scratch your itch and what does he do? Leaves filthy sneaker tracks across your pink rug, puts the frozen daiquiri glass off the coaster on your cherry-wood table and then before going, leaves a ring around your extra-deep, claw-foot bathtub.

The dirty tricks in Massachusetts, though, are of a different order. The horses’ asses trying to get an anti-marriage measure on the ballot have been duping people by getting them to sign a petition regarding the sale of liquor in supermarkets. We’re all in favor of being able to select a lovely pinot noir right next to the endive, radicchio and arugula; but these sneeks are having people sign a second piece of paper, in truth the anti-marriage petition, telling them it’s “just a formality” to confirm their support of the wine measure.

Meanwhile, the nincompoops claim that some gay people who have caught on to their ways have spit on them while they are circulating their petitions. What can Queerty say? You go girl! One organizer of the drive alleges that gay magazines have been sent to his house. Again; you go girl!