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Cleve Jones + Bruce Cohen Make it Clear: Perry Is All About ‘Snatching’ Marriage Fight From Gay Inc.

“People have settled into, sort of, a cautious approach, and they were very invested in a state-by-state approach,” Cleve Jones tells a CBS reporter outside the San Francisco courthouse where Perry is being tried. And Bruce Cohen, the Milk producer, given the chance to deny that the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is funding the Olson/Boies legal team, somehow “snatched” the marriage equality movement out of the hands of Gay Inc., does not take the opportunity to refute such a claim. You know, just in case you thought there was any reconciliation between “the Hollywood activists” behind Perry and gay rights groups.

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  • Lukas P.

    I read this news item five times and cannot make heads or tails of its meaning. Could someone else parse or explain it? Thanks!


    Jesus…could you PLEASE learn to formulate a coherent paragraph?


  • Douglas Gibosn Jr

    Who cares who gets credit for it or how it is done. If this gets the job done then we should all celebrate!

  • Brian NJ

    Everyone shut up about Queerty’s writing. They are busy drumming up new posts, and can’t spend every minute pampering your brat fannies with 100 perfect prose. Good reading comprehension does not only mean you can understand perfect paragraphs written by spinsters on the SAT board.

  • Lukas P.

    I did NOT complain. I asked for help, which you chose not to provide. Or could not, because you didn’t understand the article either. Either way, thanks for the laugh.

  • Brian NJ

    I’m just joking, Lukas. :)

  • Pariah

    God damn videos playing in the background, page won’t load, the video in the article won’t load, and you can’t write to save your pathetic lives. Who’s meth habit am I supporting by coming to Queerty? FUCK!!!!

  • thyl

    Cleve = Total Noobocity


  • AndrewW

    Gay Inc. should be held accountable. Because they are not, other groups do what they can.

    At least Olson and Bois have a strategy and aPlan.

  • Guest

    The Supreme Court not allowing broadcast in a 5-Conservative to 4-Liberal decision does NOT BODE WELL FOR THIS TRIAL.

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