Cleve Jones: Harvey Milk ‘Would Be Appalled’ With HRC Moving Into Castro Street Camera Store

Joe Solmonese, who’s facing a renewed call to resign amidst his utter incompetence and absent leadership on DADT repeal, also has smaller-ish matters to deal with. Like the growing outcry over HRC squatting in Harvey Milk’s Castro Street camera store … to sell merch. Dustin Lance Black and Cleve Jones have already lashed out at the Gay Inc. group moving into unfriendly territory, given the wholly different activist strategies of the two: where Milk favored grassroots activism, HRC favors getting into bed with corporate sponsors and letting lawmakers drive tractor trailers over the gays with applause.

Last night San Francisco’s KTVU interviewed Jones — who’s apparently working with the group to find some common ground, whatever that means, before the January move-in date — and HRC’s creative director Don Kiser, who insists the city doesn’t hold exclusive claim to Milk’s legacy. You know, the legacy that involves selling coffee mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with his face, of which a “portion” of the proceeds will go to the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy.

Says Jones: “I think Harvey would be appalled by this. I resent it, I find it offensive, and I intend to do everything I can to stop it.” Here’s an idea: A grassroots protest against HRC!