checking the books

Cleve Jones’ Shady History With Tax-Exempt Organizations


The National Equality March says it will open its books sometime in the coming weeks to give everyone a peek at how Cleve Jones & Co. are spending all that cash money you’ve been donating (almost $150,000 from 60,000 people). But one thing of note:

NEM isn’t registered as its own tax-exempt non-profit, but as a subsidiary of the Tides Center in San Francisco.

Know what else was supposedly a tax-exempt subsidiary of Tides?

The new organization Jones supposedly created as part of a settlement agreement with the Names Project Foundation — which owns the AIDS Memorial Quilt that Jones built his legacy on — in order to receive part of the quilt after the two parties had a falling out. Except when Names’ attorneys tried to find this new organization, they couldn’t.

Let’s hope this story doesn’t repeat itself.