Cleveland Cabbies Say It’s “Against Their Religion” To Drive Cabs Sporting Gay Ads

Cleveland-Gay-Games-Sign-x400A handful of cabbies operating out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are refusing to drive any vehicles displaying ads for the 2014 Gay Games, presumably because they are terrified that the gay may drip down from rooftop placards into the vehicle, thereby infecting any driver and/or passenger with gayness. Or something like that.

According to The Plain Dealer, several drivers from two of the three taxi companies operating at the airport have cited “religious reasons” for refusing to drive the cabs. Patrick Keenan, general manager for a third company, Americab, says the drivers do not represent the views of the company.

“We don’t have any objections to the signage,” Keenan said. “We’re fully supportive of the games. We’re not in concert with (the protesting drivers) on that. We don’t share those views.”

The three companies operating taxi cabs out of Hopkins International are reportedly part of a program that offers rides based on zones rather than by metered fare. The advertising sold on rooftop placards — where ads for the 2014 Gay Games are now appearing — are reportedly sold by the airport.

Though it’s unclear whether the homophobic drivers will be replaced permanently, TPD claims another company has been brought in to staff the 75-cab fleet that was left unmanned. “It is expected to take about two to three weeks to repopulate the fleet,” the paper reports.

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  • gskorich

    if you can survive by your religious beliefs then more power to you. a lot of people can’t do this. to be considered religious these days means you hate all things gay. is this all the bible teaches?

  • RayJacksonMs

    Oh no! Now people might have to suffer cab drivers that can actually drive and don’t have a third world stench about them. Now isn’t that just awful.

  • TampaBayTed

    I’m sure there are plenty of third world drivers who would be lining up to take a taxi job. Just look at New York City.

  • Cam

    It’s funny, when Muslim cabbies in St. Paul didn’t want to drive people carrying alcohol the right wing went crazy and said how dare they force their religious beliefs on others.

    And those cabbies lost. Now the same people who freaked out before because of what those cabbies waznted to do are the same people defending this behavior of the new cabbies. LOL Hypocrisy thy name is Right wing.

  • Dawson

    Mike in a different gay web page correctly stated that it isn’t just freedom of religion but freedom FROM religion. This is exactly the message we should be sharing. Would a Muslim wish to following the teaching of other religions? Or a Catholic in Northern Ireland?

    Should Muslims follow American laws and policies including non discrimination or can they cite religious freedom? We all know the answer to this. How about the rights of women in the Muslim culture?

    I see how certain business in Mississippi are posting in their businesses that they will NOT discriminate. Maybe that is where we are at now. Maybe we should be calling on ALL BUSINESSES to post clear messages that they will do business with EVERYONE EQUALLY.

    I also want the right to now know if any of these cab drivers are anti gay. I also want the right to not have to give them any of my business. So Cleveland cab drivers I would like to see in your cab if you are willing to tell me before i give you any opf my business if you are accepting of all people or not. I want to see something displayed in your cab that says if you discriminate.

    Or lastly how about this. How about that we boycott all Muslim businesses until the Muslim community starts policeing their own community. Money talks. Should we stop doing business with the Muslim community? Is that what they want. (yes i know some of you will say that not all Muslims are this way. For those who do where is the OUTRAGE WITHIN THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY TO THIS! Action speaks louder than words.)

  • Nanome14

    Enough! Enough!!! because of their stupid believes we all have to suffer many things! Im sure there are many Americans that would love that Job as they truly need it! I’m a participant at the Gay Games and this is very sad. the same thing happen at the last GG in Chicago but luckily Chicago had more forms of transportation and the city help with that. but this is 2014 and we still suffering all that discrimination and BS thanks to stupid religions! PEOPLE, think about that! the world is been in wars for centuries thanks to stupid religions! this is time to STOP all that!!!!!So damn tired of all this BS!!!!

  • yousir75

    @Dawson: Yeah, let’s punish EVERYONE that belongs to a particular group for the actions done by members of that group, even if they didn’t have anything to do with it.


    Don’t use this occasion to push your Islamophobia, okay?

  • schwma

    Soon, popular ride-sharing services will come to Cleveland and put taxi cabs out of work. My advise to the cabbies: Get all the work you can while you can. You can’t afford to refuse a fare for “religious reasons.”

  • Billy Budd

    Imagine if homophobic doctors refused to treat gay patients because of their religious beliefs.

  • macmantoo

    I wonder if they would like to be a cabbie in Reno Nv. The cabs here have ad on top of the cabs here of the local whore houses.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    I LONG for the day when religion DIES a miserable, horrible death like it should and people get the opportunity to think for themselves.

  • Billysees


    ” is this all the bible teaches? ”

    Good question.

    Of course not.

    But some make it seem that way because of their petty attitudes towards others.

    They mock the “mature advice” given by their own religion.

    That advice goes like this — Above all, LOVE EACH OTHER DEEPLY, because love covers over a multitude of sins………..1 Peter 4:8

    Too many believers and the religious love to consider what they think is wrong with others but won’t consider what’s wrong with themselves.

  • Billysees


    ” LOL Hypocrisy thy name is Right wing. ”

    Perfectly said….

  • joebatch

    After all the back and forth on this there is one very simple solution. All these cab drivers have to do is quit driving these or any other cabs for that matter so their delicate sensibilities(their religion) won’t be offended. Then will then be free to find work more suited to their sensitive natures,case closed. I’m sure the cab company won’t have any trouble replacing them at all and they won’t be missed.

  • ted72

    @TheNewEnergyDude: I doubt we will see that day come to fruition. But, I’ll keep my fingers crossed nonetheless.

    Religion IS the root of many problems. Not to mention worshipping a deity that doesn’t exist.

  • Jaxxon

    Religion, or more appropriately “faith” isn’t the problem here.

    Small minded people using their religion as an excuse to discriminate is the problem and it’s a problem that can be found in both the “Christian” and the “Muslim” communities.

  • jwrappaport

    If they’re willing to get fired or to go a few weeks or so with no pay, let them eat cake then.

  • Spike

    @jwrappaport: And hopefully take a bath as well.

  • bnard620

    If you don’t agree with the stance that a company takes than you don’t need to work with them. That is their choice, they just become unemployed. The end

  • Horse Lips

    It’s against my religion to put up with idiots but I have to do it every day anyway.

  • hephaestion

    Sadly, many cab drivers in every city are homophobic. And that’s not just for Muslims. It’s true for Christians, too. Cab drivers may be more homophobic than NFL players.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Fire the rag top bastards!!!

  • ChiChi Man

    @Dakotahgeo: Islamophobia is no better than homophobia. Keep in mind that if you remove the “ragtops” these cabbie homophobes would fit in just fine in the deep south and other intolerant parts of this country.

  • jonjct

    there are always so many christian, especially catholic haters in the queerty comment section, and it always strikes me as such hypocrisy. we demand to be accepted as gay people yet we rant hatred at others. you can’t have it both ways guys, if you don’t like evangelicals, catholics, christians, muslims … please shut up about it because it’s hurting our cause.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @ChiChi Man: Right you are. I’m against anything stupid: Islamostupidity, Homophobostupidity, TeaParty stupidity. You get the idea. And I’ve met hundreds of each group that are fantastic. However, cabbies seem to have room temperature IQs in a Minnesota winter!

  • Billysees


    ” …it’s hurting our cause. ”

    Good comment

  • Billysees


    As a contrast to my previous post —

    ” we demand to be accepted as gay people… ”

    That’s a reasonable demand that all LGBT’s expect of our society.

    This comment section is also a great place to vent our opinions and attitudes whether they’re popular or not.

  • Joseph Benning

    You gays better get busy and boycott and sue the Muslims. Oh, wait, you only do that to Christians. You are bat shit crazy afraid of Muslim ain’t ya? No, you will sit here and chew your finger nails because you have no idea at all as to how to handle the Muslims. They are people just like you. Do to them what you do to everyone else. Chicken shit lazy asshats!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Joseph Benning: How Christian of you, Joey! DUNCE!

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