Cleveland Could Very Well Lose the 2014 Gay Games to D.C.

The 2014 Gay Games will stay in Cleveland. For now. But if the Ohio city can’t get their act together in the next couple months? Athletes will be heading to D.C.

Out of the picture is the Cleveland Synergy Foundation, which put together Cleveland’s bid for the next gay Olympics but now finds itself pushed out. But a change in oversight doesn’t guarantee Cleveland is hanging on to the games, the Washington Blade says.

Leaders of an international LGBT sports group, meeting last weekend in Germany, reaffirmed their earlier decision to keep the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland, according to sources familiar with the deliberations. But the General Assembly of the Federation of Gay Games kept open the option of moving the event to Washington, D.C., if Cleveland fails to meet a set of conditions by Dec. 15, including the creation of a new gay-run organization to produce the games, sources said. The General Assembly took that action during a closed “in camera” session of its annual meeting Aug. 8, sources said, following the end of the 2010 Gay Games.

But that doesn’t mean D.C.’s organizers have been right all along.

In announcing last week that they planned to keep the games in Cleveland, FGG officials said through a spokesperson that they disagreed with an interpretation of FGG rules by the D.C. LGBT sports group that lost its bid to hold the games in Washington. Officials with Metropolitan Washington Gaymes, Inc., which was designated the runner-up bidder for the 2014 games, said they believe FGG rules hold that the games should go to the runner up and its host city if the winning bidder fails to fulfill its licensing obligations and responsibilities.

So what does Cleveland need to do to keep the Games? Create a new 501(3)(c) non-profit group to lead the effort, meet all of the Federation of Gay Games’ current requirements, and sign a licensing agreement with FGG. Also, open up a few new gay bars. Is Twist really the only thing going?