Cleveland Radio Station Disciplines Shock Jock For Suggesting Lesbian Teen Be “Screwed Straight”

On Friday, Cleveland radio host Dominic Dieter told a father to “get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight,” after the caller said he saw his daughter kissing another girl. Now WMMS 100.7 FM, which employs Dieter for the Rover’s Morning Glory show, has told GLAAD it has taken disciplinary actions against the controversial shock jock.

Though WMMS management wouldn’t specify what actions it was taken, they did air a prerecorded apology from Dieter this morning:

“I just wanted to say that, I know on the show this past Friday I made some comments that people found…..  considered to be offensive.  And I just wanted to say, I understand why people are angry.  I want to genuinely apologize to anyone who may have been offended by what I said.  I regret what I did say.  My comments were inappropriate.  They were inexcusable, and just downright stupid.   And I want to make it clear; there was absolutely no intention to promote physical or sexual violence.  And I’m truly; truly sorry by my poor choice of words that led people to believe otherwise.  Again, Rover… I just want to apologize for any pain I might have caused. (…)  I ask people to find it in their hearts to forgive me.  I am sorry for the words that I did say. “

WMMS also agreed to GLAAD’s request that it run public service announcements about the dangers of parental rejection, “and the importance of giving LGBT young people a safe learning environment.” The station took the further step of inviting Equality Ohio to join its community advisory board.

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  • cam

    Actually his apology sounded more real than most of those B.S. apologies from politicians where they just say, if you were offended I apologize.

    Did he mean it, who knows, but at least the apology was well written in comparison to others.

  • Pannyx

    @cam: I agree. He sounds genuinely apologetic. Whether it was truly heartfelt, I don’t know. Additionally, the station itself seems to be taking it seriously and should be commended for their quick and thorough response.

  • Bipolar Bear

    Unbelievably, he did seem to actually take responsibility for his words, unlike most DJs of his ilk. But the cynic in me can’t help but think he just got the best of both worlds: huge publicity for his station, a firming up of the bigot audience who will tune in to see what he says next, and in the apology, everyone else thinking, “oh he’s ok really”.

    What’s this guy’s history of inappropriate comments like?

    I think the best way to beat these stations in the long run is to hit them where it hurts, in the wallet: http://bipolarbear.co.nz/2011/03/15/radio-is-gay-and-the-djs-are-mental/

  • bruce

    His apology sounds fake.

    In any case, I find it amusing that a lot of you gay guys are so horrified by this but not so much by the exploitation of lesbianism by straight guys in porn movies. You’re a somewhat contradictory gay male community.

  • Gorbeh

    I agree, it sounded fake. He was stumbling over words saying his statement “people found…considered to be offensive”. In my opinion “considered’ is a lighter word than “found” because it is simply an opinion versus some bigger conclusion.

  • hf2hvit

    @bruce: Nah…I exploit straight men every chance I get…they just love it up ass

  • Cam


    Your comment is absolutly idiotic.

    I LOVE the fact that apparently unless we share the exact same concerns as you, then we aren’t allowed to have any opinion about anything else.

    As for the “Exploitation” in straight porn…would that be the straight porn where women are paid about 50 times more than their male counterparts? Yes, they certainly are suffering under the yoke of oppression there.

  • todd

    If he really wants to make amends, and I doubt it would mean shit to him, he should volunteer at a woman’s rape clinic. There he can see what any kind of rape does to a woman. He’s probably used to the screaming young sexy thing in the video he rented for his spank session. I am sure after he sees the bills for the continuing psychology assistance, hospital records of the brutality, the pictures taken from the rape kits, and the woman’s first hand testimony he might actually see the reality of what rape really is and what its fallout is. I have seen guys like him so many times acting all tough when they are ignorant of the realities of the situation. He needs a dose of reality. The visit is the pill.

  • Belize

    @bruce: LOL. Clearly you are one of those ignorant people who have never heard of pornography made for women wherein homosexual acts between men are also present despite being dubbed as “straight” porn. Also, when was the last time you’ve heard of a person getting paid after being raped? Or for that matter, a person getting raped “by choice?”

    I love how you hicks try and use your stupidity to define hypocrisy. It gives me a very good understanding of why the LGBT movement continues to progress ever so slowly.

  • Charli

    Whats the matter sugar foot? You scared someone is going to
    find out YOU are the one that wants to be screwed by your little buddy?
    Aw poor little baby! That’s the real reason isn’t it sugar?
    You will live a very very longtime with this comment you closet case!

  • cam


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Your comment killed me. Reminded me of of Mel Gibson’s “What’re you lookin at Sugar Titts?” LOL!

  • Charli

    Lmao: you know he likes being called sugar foot!
    He he he!! He’s prolly sits in front of his mirror chanting” I’m so pretty”

  • adam [not same as above]

    it’s big of him to make the apology, but i still think the station should fire him.

    adios, ‘phobe.

  • Tony

    I used to work in broadcasting, the “community advisory board” is just hype to make the FCC happy. They could put my dog on it and it would matter.

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