Cleveland Radio Station Disciplines Shock Jock For Suggesting Lesbian Teen Be “Screwed Straight”

On Friday, Cleveland radio host Dominic Dieter told a father to “get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight,” after the caller said he saw his daughter kissing another girl. Now WMMS 100.7 FM, which employs Dieter for the Rover’s Morning Glory show, has told GLAAD it has taken disciplinary actions against the controversial shock jock.

Though WMMS management wouldn’t specify what actions it was taken, they did air a prerecorded apology from Dieter this morning:

“I just wanted to say that, I know on the show this past Friday I made some comments that people found…..  considered to be offensive.  And I just wanted to say, I understand why people are angry.  I want to genuinely apologize to anyone who may have been offended by what I said.  I regret what I did say.  My comments were inappropriate.  They were inexcusable, and just downright stupid.   And I want to make it clear; there was absolutely no intention to promote physical or sexual violence.  And I’m truly; truly sorry by my poor choice of words that led people to believe otherwise.  Again, Rover… I just want to apologize for any pain I might have caused. (…)  I ask people to find it in their hearts to forgive me.  I am sorry for the words that I did say. “

WMMS also agreed to GLAAD’s request that it run public service announcements about the dangers of parental rejection, “and the importance of giving LGBT young people a safe learning environment.” The station took the further step of inviting Equality Ohio to join its community advisory board.