Cleveland Synergy Foundation: 2014 Gay Games’ First Losers

Well that was fun while it lasted: The Cleveland Synergy Foundation, which lobbied to bring the 2014 Gay Games to Cleveland, has officially been cut off by the competition’s governing body.

Of course, you saw this coming, right smartypants?

The details between the Federation of Gay Games’ split with Synergy remain murky, but as with all such undertakings, they usually come down to money. Or lack thereof. Synergy’s job was to prove it had the funding in place to comfortably bring the Gay Games to Cleveland. Any reversal from the Foundation’s original agreement with Synergy suggests something went awry with the dollar count.

Curiously — okay, entertainingly — Synergy sent its own reps to Cologne, where the 2010 Gay Games are underway, “to receive the Federation of Gay Games Flag during the Cologne Gay Games’ closing ceremony.” We’ll see who they hand it off to.

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  • RnOH

    word on the street has it that Synergy went to Cologne to get more than the flag…and has spent $100K+ in legal fees to retain their role in all of this…

  • Dawson

    I would have absolutely no surprise if this is the start of a movement coming from the right (which will most likely completely control Cleveland by 2014) to get the Gay Games out of Cleveland. Yes, the Gay Games brings money to your area, but there are so many people in North Eastern Ohio that are so completely bigoted the the city will see a major backlash from the Gay Games if it hasn’t already done so. Not to mention, the backlash is from redneck hillbillies that are more likely to solve their problems with violence than with protests.

  • RnOH

    though every city in the US (in and out of the midwest) has homophobes, the city of lakewood (western suburb of cleveland)is one of the largest gayborhoods in the area…so cleveland is not a stranger to all things ‘gay’…

    the amount of support that came from the city and the state were incredible! i watched/listened to the mayor, the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state, among others, really put their support behind this…

    so, i highly doubt that this is a ‘right’ conspiracy, and i also doubt that the city of cleveland will ever become republican controlled…that hasn’t happened in years…cuyahoga county is the strongest democratic stronghold in ne ohio…

    if the games come to cleveland (and all signs point in that direction), yes, there may be some push back…but even the police department was represented in the overall push to get the games to cleveland…

    …rednecks and hillbillies aside, the games will bring a lot to the city…and if planned/organized correctly, it should be a huge success…

  • Elvis


    The fags in Cleveland are mean! I have never seen a city like that in my travel life.

    The RACISM in the city is HORRIBLE.

    The mayor of the city is like a big puppet and does nothing for the city.

    I travel to Cleveland a lot for business and understand why nobody wants to live in that hell hole.

  • Joel

    our post definitley
    Elvis, your post definitley shows your ignorance. You’re the one who sounds mean and bitter. Maybe if you had a better attitude people would be nicer to you. What’s the matter can’t get laid here?
    Look Cleveland deserves the games, it is a spectacular, vibrant and cultural city. I don’t know where you have traveled but Cleveland is one of the best places to live and visit and that’s why the Federation chose to have the games here.
    If you really want to see racism, just go to Boston!

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