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  • Darth Paul

    He’s cute.

  • L

    Smart and handsome. Wonderful combination.

  • closet123

    I’m a daily reader of Queerty but I’ve never actually posted anything. But now I am. Cause I got really excited by this news. Here’s why.

    I’m a gay Nepali guy.
    I went back to Nepal w/ my family over the summer after like 5 years in America. Vacationed for 2 months.
    I already knew that my old house was had been sold and become HQ of the Blue Diamond Society. But I’m in the closet and circumstances just weren’t right until 2 days before our flight back to America. That was when I went to visit them.
    And it was fun.
    I talked to the people there. They were amazed to see a young gay gay from so far away that actually lived in their HQ five years ago.
    I didn’t get to meet Sunil Pant, he was at some big meeting or something. He’s holds a position in the National Office BTW. First queer in Asia to do so.
    Before I left, they gave me a copy of the aforementioned Page 6. It’s sitting inside my desk right now. The cover page has Jake Gyllenhaal on it. I love Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyways… Their page 4 has news about queer Nepalis getting driving training so that they would be able to find jobs. And it also has gay news from marriage in Norway to London pride to George Michael’s Wham!.
    Hearing about it getting international attention is pretty amazing. Makes me feel proud to be part of the very small yet pretty amazing Gay Nepali minority.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m glad for you Closet123 but how much in the closet are you if you’re letting the whole world know the Blue Diamond Headquarters was your old house?

  • L

    no 4 – is your brother’s name “Cole”?

  • closet123

    Jaroslaw: I’m pretty sure I’d be out before anyone could link my old house back to me. This is Nepal we’re talking about. As in third world country. As in Google wouldn’t even have an address that points to my old house.

    And I’m planning to come out soon anyways.

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