Clinton and Obama Come Together

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appeared today in Unity, New Hampshire, their first public appearance together since Clinton suspended her campaign earlier this month. Describing her former rival as an “unstoppable force of change,” Clinton urged her supports to back Obama, obviously, saying, “To anyone who voted for me and is now considering not voting or voting for Senator (John) McCain, I strongly urge you to reconsider.” The Senator went on to equate McCain with George Bush, In the end, Senator McCain and President Bush are like two sides of the same coin, and it doesn’t amount to a whole lot of change. If you think we need a new course, a new agenda, then vote for Barack Obama and you will get the change that you need and deserve.”

Obama took the stage soon after, again stressing the need for – you guessed it! – unity. The Senator also stressed the importance of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s respective roles in his campaign:

We need them. We need them badly. Not just my campaign, but the American people need their service and their vision and their wisdom in the months and years to come because that’s how we’re going to bring about unity in the Democratic Party. And that’s how we’re going to bring about unity in America.

Talking Points Memo spliced together some highlights from today’s event, which we’ve included below. Meanwhile, the politicos appeared together last night to woo Clinton donors over to Obama’s team. And apparently with mixed reviews.