Close Call…

“Recent polls on the gay marriage ban — known as Amendment 2 — showed the measure lacking enough support to be added to the Florida Constitution, although passage of Amendment 2 was within the poll’s margin of error. Some 58 percent of respondents in a Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times conducted Sept. 14-17 supported Amendment 2, while 37 percent opposed it and 5 percent were undecided. The poll of 800 Florida voters had a 3.5 percent margin of error.” [SoVo]

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  • JJ

    Maybe if Ellen DeGeneres said a few kind words about how it is better to love your neighbor and all that, it would help.

    She sure is giving a dime to the cause.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Is JJ really JJJJ? Anyway, take your meds and write something cohesive.

    On Florida, this is a major battleground state. Can Obama win without Florida? Barely but it is within reach for the Democrats (despite tanorexic closeted gay governor Charlie Crist and Katherine Harris’ successor to Florida’s Dirty-trickery) I know, we get sick and tired of hearing about Florida but come midnight on November 4th, we might had wished that we spent more resources and ground troops in the Sunshine state (where the sun don’t shine for Gays). With the anti-gay marriage proposition thrown into the mix, it’s Florida, Florida, Florida once again.

  • Mike

    Gay marriage polls always overestimate support for gay marriage. People see gay marriage as the “politically correct” response, therefore they are more likely to tell a phone pollster they support gay marriage, when they will in fact vote against it.

  • JJ

    What I meant to say is that Ellen DeGeneres is such a tightwad that she will not give a dime to the campaigns to defeat these hateful, insidious amendments.

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