Closet Case Ken

barbie and ken

Barbie has taken a beating recently. Back in 2004 she split from Ken and since then she has watched her status as the top selling fashion doll edged out by the Bratz dolls. You know the Bratz dolls. They are the freaky dolls with the freakishly big heads. They’re basically Amanda Lepore dolls.

Well Barbie has seen the light of day and it appears the separation from Ken is ending. They’re back together. But as our reader Bill realizes, “Oh, dear. Ken and Barbie have reunited. The redesigned Ken is described as ‘Matthew McConaughey meets Orlando Bloom.’ How gay! He wears mesh shirts and cargo pants and has a ‘softer mouth.’ EEEEEEEK!”

Yep, it’s official: Barbie is a beard.

A Makeover of a Romance [NY Times]