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Closeted Gay Celebrities Likely Not Having Secret Babies

The news that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are expecting twins leads anonymous internet lurkers to wonder: Are gay celebs in the closet also knocking up surrogates and having secret families they’re trying to hide from Us Weekly?

Not according to at least one Hollywood surrogacy agency, who says her clientele doesn’t include famous hidden homos. And E!’s Ted Casablanca, who loves talking about closeted leading man “Toothy Tile” (who “has a secret surrogate baby to go with his down-low boyfriend”), insists most Tinseltown types are “much more interested in covering up their homosexuality, not procreating. Most gay couples don’t make it long enough to even want to do this. That’s why what Neil Patrick Harris is doing is a watershed moment.”

Which means John Travolta’s fathering gig with Kelly Preston is probably his only one, but don’t let that stop you from trolling our blind items and discovering who might be next.