Closeted Homo-Politicos Better Watch It

While you’re over at Radar checking out Mark Foley‘s Strike Force cameo, you may want to check out their interview with super-star columnist Frank Rich (pictured, looking quite jolly).

Why? Well, in it, Rich says that he sees no problem outing politicians. See?

Radar: You wrote a column on October 15 called, “The Gay Old Party Comes Out”. Given the Republicans’ addiction to gay baiting, which you have frequently described, if you could prove that a closeted senior Republican was gay, would that be a story?

Rich: If people holding positions of power, who make an issue of people’s sexuality in their politics, are discovered to be hypocrites, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be reported, as long as it’s reported in a legitimate fashion. As long as it’s something that’s sourced–not gossip, and not anonymous. And I think these are basically the rules the press are following now. Don’t you think?

We do think, Frank. And we agree. Although, we have to ask: what constitutes as “legitimate” reporting? Are we legitimate?

Probably not, but that’s okay. We’re all about being bastards.