Closeted Married Men Are Keeping Relationship Counselors Working 24/7

A sexologist in Winter Park, FL says he could “literally work 24 hours a day, seven days a week” because of all the people cheating on their significant others thanks to websites like Craigslist and Ashley Madison.

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“The volume is that great,” Michael Rothenberg, sexologist and owner of, tells the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s becoming easier and easier to find a sexual partner.”

Rothenberg says many of the patients he works with are closeted married men who use the internet to find other guys to hook up with on the DL.

“I’ve had closeted gay men go on there,” he says. “Some people are on there because they’re curious, or curious to see if there are people on there that they know.”

Considering that a recent survey found 78 percent of Americans identify as heterosexual, but only 4 percent of that 78 percent said they were “100 percent heterosexual,” this doesn’t totally surprise us.

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Relationship counselor Tim Tedders agrees that these days it’s much easier than ever for married men, closeted or not, to locate hanky panky on the side.

“Way before technology, to have an affair it meant that you had to get into a car, go somewhere and hopefully you wouldn’t run into someone who knew you,” he says. “And now, it’s just waiting to be apart from your spouse and getting on your smartphone and going online and hooking up with someone.”

Rothenberg says he doesn’t believe the issue will be going away anytime soon.

“There’s a sense of everybody is doing this, so it legitimizes it,” he says, “and I don’t see signs of it lessening. I think it’s going to get worse.”

Worse? We suppose that depends on who you’re asking.

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h/t: Sioux City Journal