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Closeted Teen Love Affair Fuels Nail-Biting New Drama “Eyewitness”


When a closeted affair is the least heart-thumping component of a TV story line, is that progress? We’re not exactly sure, but judging by the tense first look at USA Network’s new drama Eyewitness, viewers will tune in either way.

An adaptation of a popular Norwegian show, the series explores a dizzyingly grisly crime from the point of view of two innocent young men who happened to witness a murder.

“I felt that a complex psychological thriller was a beautiful metaphor for the anxiety of a teen’s coming out,” Adi Hasak,  the show’s creator and executive producer, tells Queerty

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The two young men, played by Tyler Young and James Paxton, secretly meet up in the forest for a romantic rendezvous. That’s when they see the bloody shooting, and only barely manage to escape with their lives.

Intent on keeping their relationship a secret, they decide to stay mum — and that’s when they begin to realize that witnessing a horrific event will permanently change you, and rarely for the best.

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Heightened drama aside, there’s something pretty great about a major gay theme taking focus in a broadly marketed show. Exposure is everything, and somehow we doubt shows like Looking or The L Word make their way into many straight, mainstream households. Lots of shows have gay subplots, which we love to see, but this one is pretty front and center.

“The two gay teens and the thriller setting were what really captured my imagination,” Hasak says. “I worked extra hard to make sure the boys’ storylines and thriller plot lines were complimentary of each other.”

Watch the trailer below:

Eyewitness premieres October 16th on USA Network.