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Clothing That Hides Your Fat: Respectable? Or For Liars?


Women have Spanx. But what do men have to sneakily shape-shift their body without a personal trainer? We’ve seen the infomercials for contouring clothing — essentially girdle-inspiring apparel to wear underneath your outerwear to hide, uh, “trouble” spots.

But now there’s Equmen’s Core Precision Undershirt that, in addition to claims that it “improves posture,” “supports core muscles,” “controls body temperature,” and “promotes circulation,” also “visibly streamlines and slims.” Or, in even more dubious marketing speak, this shirt uses “physiotherapy taping techniques to sculpt, tone and improve body mechanics.”

Basically, it’ll hide your spare tire. (If you’re so inclined, there’s also a singlet version available.) This is great news if you just wolfed down an extra cheese pizza on a Friday night and then your crush happens to call and invites you to get a drink. But, practically speaking, do people wear these things?

OWN UP: Have you considered buying contour clothing? Do you already own some? Which brands beat expectations to hold in your gut? And does wearing these garments amount to lying to potential mates, or do they amount to nothing more than a woman in a bra?

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