Bathroom Bashing

Club Ordered To Pay $15K To Trans Man Beaten And Assaulted By Bouncers For Using Men’s Restroom

A trans man beaten and physically assaulted by bouncers for using the men’s restroom will receive a $15k settlement from the owners of the club.

A bouncer yanked transman Caesar Lewis out of a stall in the men’s restroom of Sugar Daddy’s nightclub moments after he entered, and dragged him through the club while he was still partially undressed.

The Toronto Sun has the sickening details of the attack:

“You freaks need to get your f—ing fa—t a—- out of this club,” he yelled, according to the tribunal judgment. “At first I was gonna just take you out of the washroom but y’all hermaphrodites need to get your disgusting a—- out of this club.” He then grabbed Lewis by the hair and shirt and proceeded to drag him out of the washroom, through the entire club, and out the front door.

He was thrown to the sidewalk, he says, like “yesterday’s trash.” And then he was threatened with worse. “If you come here and use the male washroom again little girl, you and your friend will be dragged out and we’ll bring you behind the building this time.”

Lewis demanded the return of his winter jacket from the cloakroom. He was backhanded across the face and then all three bouncers shoved him to the ground, kicked him 10 times in the back and head and repeatedly punched him as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal ordered the club to pay Lewis $15k in damages, and to provide human rights training to all employees. He is now seeking counseling to deal with the incident, and Tribunal Vice-chair Allison Renton says he’s worried a similar incident happening again:

“The applicant became worried…about using the washroom facilities in other locations in fear that something similar would happen. Most importantly, he has become fearful to continue with his transitioning and questions who he really is.”

This incident is yet another reminder of the constant threat of physical violence transgender people face when trying to live their lives openly. We’re glad Lewis got the settlement he deserved, but no amount of money can compensate for peace of mind.