CLUES: Just How Masters & Johnson Passed Off Their Sham Marriage

Homosexuality in Perspective, the book from researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, changed the way (some) psychologists looked at sexuality. Masters and Johnson’s studies, their book claimed, showed evidence that gay folks who really wanted to change their sexuality could do so with as little as two weeks of conversion therapy. Then it came out the pair may have simply faked their research, made up their case studies, and lied about the whole thing, throwing into question the very argument that conservatives and religious types throw around: that being gay is a choice, and thus any homo can change the way he loves to “God’s way.”

Above, a panel discussion from April 27 at the New York Academy of Medicine, where moderator Laurie Garrett talks to writer Thomas Maier — whose new book Masters of Sex is the most damning account yet of Masters and Johnson’s work — and Dr. Robert C. Kolodny, the former associate director of the Masters and Johnson Institute, about just how creative the researches got when it came to the possibility of conversion therapy.

More from the panel, including how the researchers recorded “times of orgasms,” how penis size wasn’t tied to size of the orgasm, and more fun!: