CNN Anchor Don Lemon: I Was Molested By A Pedophile

When now-former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts reported on the light sentencing (18 months in jail and then house arrest) Roman Catholic priest Jerome “Father Jeff” Toohey Jr. received after being convicted of molesting children, Roberts also dropped this one on his television audience: he was abused by this man when he was a student at Calvert Hall College High School and went to Toohey for guidance. Now current CNN anchor Don Lemon announced this bombshell on the air while discussing Eddie Long’s allegations: he, too, was molested by a sicko.

It wasn’t a planned revelation, Lemon later tweeted, but in discussing Long’s allegations with three members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, whom defended their pastor, it just came out. (Says Gabrielle, a girl on the panel: “When I look at different pedophiles, as you said, I don’t see Bishop as one. If you look at various things he’s done for the community and young people in general, none of it boils down to him looking like a pedophile.”)

And with that Lemon, who doesn’t go to great lengths to hide his sexuality, has done what so many more victims need to do: come out. Tell these stories of abuse. Expose these monsters. Turn to your family and friends and find the strength to keep these predators from harming others.

You’re a brave fella, Don. Stay strong. And thank you for sharing your story. (I’d love to hear more.)

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