CNN Covers The Ultimate “Sissy Boy” Cure: Suicide

Rekers’ research on Craig continues to be cited as proof of ex-gay therapy’s success, even as recently as in a book published 6 years after Kirk’s suicide.

Rekers went on to join the Family Research Council and become a founding member of the National Association for Research and Therapy Of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group he resigned from when he was discovered having a holiday with a young prostitute from

Rekers claims that two independent psychologists agreed with his assessment that Kirk was “well-adjusted” (a claim refuted by the in-depth report on Kirk and Rekers at Box Turtle Bulletin). But Kirk’s family said that Kirk learned to lie and not trust his own intuitions especially around his “therapists.”

Rekers also said that it’s a leap to associate Kirk’s suicide to his childhood treatment. We think it’s a leap to associate Rekers’ lisp and love of sexual massages to his self-professed heterosexuality.