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CNN Is Now Just Creating Programming to Give Bill Donohue a Chance to Sound Off

In November, CNN anchor Don Lemon (a member of the family) accidentally let slip on air the network was planning an _____ In America special for the gays. And while Soledad O’Brien had hosted CNN’s previous specials Black In America and Latino In America, we wondered aloud whether CNN should pick a gay to host its Gay In America special. It didn’t.

That job also goes to O’Brien, the capable and well-liked CNN veteran. But the cable network isn’t just doing a round-up of what it’s like to be gay in these United States, but what it’s like to be a gay parent in ’em. Gary & Tony Have a Baby, airing in June, will tell the story of “two life-long gay activists on their quest to have a biological child of their own,” relays AfterElton.

The only question that remains: Which unlicensed psychological quack will CNN invite on to argue why gays shouldn’t be raising kids?