CNN Suddenly Finds It Inappropriate to Quiz America On The Righteousness of Gay TV Characters

CNN removed a poll from its homepage that asked “Is the surge in gay TV characters ‘bad for society’?,” because so many of you (and GLAAD, natch) got on its case about being about two degrees away from sharing the BBC’s scandal. But to answer CNN’s question: Yes, the surge in gay characters is bad for society, because it makes you ask stupid questions like this one.

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    “Is the surge in gay TV characters ‘bad for society’?

    Take out “Gay” and plug in any other minority be it Black, Jew, Hispanic, et all and those responsible for this vile hatefull survey would find their positions with CNN terminated. We should demand nothing less………..

  • Kieran

    So true. Can you imagine a CNN poll asking the question, “Is the surge in black TV characters ‘bad for society'”? Or “Is Jewish control of the newsmedia ‘bad for society'”?

  • Chuck

    I can’t watch CNN anymore. From their parade of Republican commentators always given more airtime than anyone to their airing of ‘experts’ like (George Rekkers Junior) Tony Perkins.

    And Brooke Anderson on HLN, where they aired this pole as part of a segment on the ‘invasion’ of gays in Hollywood, is a homophobic, talentless [email protected] She reminds me of Carrie Prejean.

    At least some FOX anchors are somewhat pro-gay (Shep Smith and even Beck) althouth would NEVER watch FOX News…Now that we have MSNBC, there is really no excuse to EVER watch CNN again, it seems like they are working overtime to drive us from watching. Done.

  • Devon

    CNN: Fox News for people who are embarrassed to tell their friends they watch Fox News.

  • Andy

    Keynes was a bisexual.

  • Andy

    Oops, wrong one.

  • jason

    CNN – cunty news network

  • uu

    Who the hell do they pretend to be citing with “bad for society” ?

  • mk


    CNN and HLN make some real missteps occasionally on gay matters but there is no comparison between them and FOX.

    HLN has out lesbian Jane Velez-Mitchell hosting in prime time and gay friendly outspoken liberal Joy Behar too. CNN has on strong debators and experts to represent gays in rights controversies. Larry King regularly has friendly full show one on one interviews with liberal pro-gay comics and celebrities. They’ve had well promoted, entirely positive specials about a MTF trans and a gay couple having a baby by surrogate.

    FOX has some closet gays like Shep who aren’t pro-gay on air but don’t normally attack us except for having been an integral part of furthering the anti-gay republican party, and they have lying shit stirrer Glenn Beck who says whatever gets him attention. Aside fron that, FOX violates journalistic ethics all over the place with their gross bias, false information, and blatant misrepresentations.

  • Chuck

    @mk: Dude, I said I would never watch FOX, I was just showing how low CNN has fallen. I admit, I used to watch CNN regularly. Larry King is retiring and he was my favorite host on there. Joy Behar rocks. So I agree with you there. But don’t forget she follows Nancy Grace.

  • Dan

    What does Anderson Cooper think of all this? Has nobody asked him? He plays a “straight” character on CNN.

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