CNN Thinks Whitney Houston Was A German Drag Queen

Granted, Whitney Houston wasn’t as bubbly and femme as, say, Mariah Carey but we’re pretty sure she was a bio-girl.Apparently producers at CNN thought the late singer-actress was actually a female impersonator from Berlin.

On the July 6 episode of his CNN talk show, Piers Morgan was talking to LL Cool J about Houston when programmers flashed some B-roll of the Grammy winner performing.

But as TMZ points out, the clip they ran actually wasn’t of Houston—it was of Ikenna Beney Amaechi, a drag queen who’s been performing as Houston for more than two decades. “I was just sitting at home and at first I didn’t realize it, but then it hit me like BOOM! It wasn’t Whitney—It was me!” Amaechi says. “I feel very honored that I was mistaken for the real Whitney Houston on CNN. Is there even a bigger compliment for a tribute artist?!”

We can’t fault CNN producers too much—the similarity is uncanny. But which would Cool J would like more—Amaechi or the real Whitney? There were those rumors some years back, after all.


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  • michael

    How f’n cool for her…

  • Miss Understood

    It was a mistake but not an insult. Ikenna is gorgeous!

  • Kyle215

    Heads should roll at CNN. Footage should be clearly catologued and this shouldn’t hve happened.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Kyle215: It’s so hard to identify irony nowadays. Are you serious? 99.99% of CNN viewers couldn’t tell the difference, and the 0.01% that could got a huge kick out of the glitch.

  • Will

    Piers Morgan and his entire show is a sad joke

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