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CNN To Rick Sanchez: You’re Fired

Aww, it’s too bad Rick Sanchez spent his last days on the air talking about how “cyber bullying” is some sort of made up thing: CNN just fired his ass after calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” on Pete Dominick’s Sirius radio show. What’s funny is going to be Monday night’s The Daily Show when Stewart himself comes to Rick’s defense and says the firing went too far, and turns it all into one big joke on CNN, a network he loves to bash.

Audio of Sanchez’s remarks about Jews running the media:

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  • George

    This is the best single step CNN could have taken towards improving journalistic integrity. Sanchez is a rambling, self-important talking-head with no skill as a reporter, interviewer, anchor, or even teleprompter reader. He should never have been on CNN to begin with.

  • Ian

    Gawd, Queerty is like HuffPo now, all these damn wraparound animated advertisements slow down my computer response time >:(

    That said TDS should be funny this Monday.

  • Soupy

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he ends up on Fox. Glenn Beck made that move before.

  • Eminent Victorian

    He’ll have his own show on Fox by next month as if it’s a reward for his d-baggery. Then he’ll come out with a book about triumph over adversity and being an American. Yawn.

  • Pedro

    Rick Sanchez is hot….I’d do him…

  • mk

    What’s funny is going to be Monday night’s The Daily Show when Stewart himself comes to Rick’s defense and says the firing went too far, and turns it all into one big joke on CNN, a network he loves to bash.

    Jon Stewart loves to bash all the cable news networks, it’s not some CNN thing.

    He’s not going to say they went too far. Sanchez, a news anchor, didn’t even get basic facts right in his attack. Stewart did not have a privileged upbringing and Colbert is from the south. Both lost their fathers young, Stewart’s abandoning the family and Colbert’s dying in a plane crash and leaving his mother to raise her nine surviving kids. Sanchez also ranted zionist conspiracy type shit at the same as calling Stewart a bigot with no rational basis. Then he attacked his own CNN bosses by saying they were the same as Stewart.

    A FOX News personality could get away with that, but that is clearly a firing offense for a CNN anchor or an anchor at any other respectable news organization.

  • Ryan

    @ Pedro

    You must look like Gollem, to have such low standards.

  • Michael

    I have to believe CNN has been wanting to dump Rick for quite a while. I’ve raised my eyebrows more than once over some of the opinions he’s gotten away with. His show will not be missed.

  • Dave in Northridge

    @Eminent Victorian: Agreed, and I posted something similar about this being how he would get out of his contract with CNN over at HuffPo. Even though that shows thought, let’s face it: he’s certainly stupid enough for Fox

  • Kieran

    Sanchez could have said Italians run the media, or Irish run the media, or Catholics run the media, or Evangelical Protestants run the media, or WASPS run the media……and he’d still have his job. But Sanchez said Jews run the media. A definite and total no-no. So what do the CNN bosses do? Immediately fire his Hispanic ass ofcourse, as if to prove to everyone that Sanchez is right.

  • Baxter

    Sanchez should probably thank CNN for firing him. It’s a sinking ship.

  • Michael

    I don’t really get why you’re trying to spin this as him getting fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot when in reality it was most likely his comments insinuating that the people who control CNN and the rest of the media are Jews who have it easy.

  • ewe

    His ego got the best of him and i saw it coming. He was just too sure of his own opinion. I do not consider that journalism.

  • afrolito

    Best news ever! Rick Sanchez is one of the stupidest people on CNN. His voice and opinions are like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I have no doubt he will end up on Fox.

  • Roy

    Sanchez was the biggest fool in cable news outside of those idiots on Fox. He was like a parody of an anchor – whenever I had the misfortune of watching him, I could not believe how incredibly idiotic he was. His remarks about bullying were ignorant and insensitive and now he’s revealed himself to be a racist asshole. It took CNN far too long to get rid of this guy, but they never should’ve hired him in the first place.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    I think it was the combo of his stupidity, his low ratings, his eye-rolling about the Tyler Clementi story, and this interview, where he not only called another person a “bigot” but also implied that Jews are not subject to prejudice (thus, ironically, indicating his prejudice against Jews). The latter was probably the last straw in a series of events leading to a well-deserved ass-kick out the door.


    Countdown until the announcment he has been hired at Faux News: 5,4,3,2,……….

  • Brown Gay Al

    he isn’t headed to fox, it is just about the only one that is fair to Israel.

  • Cam

    @Michael: said…

    I don’t really get why you’re trying to spin this as him getting fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot when in reality it was most likely his comments insinuating that the people who control CNN and the rest of the media are Jews who have it easy.

    Oh please, if Jews controlled everything media related then MEl Gibson would have had his career ended after his anti-jewish rant years ago. But he kept releaseing movies that the media reviewed well. Doesn’t sound like some massive Jewish conspiracy to stop him. Yet this time MEl ranted against women and racial minorities and his career is done.

    Additionally, look at some of the top Media powers in the country. Ted Turner started CNN, not Jewish. CNN is now owned by Time Warner, a publiclly traded company. Rupert Murdock owner of FOX and The NY Post is not Jewish. The families that own the NTTime, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, etc… none of them are Jewish. USA Today, not owned by JEws, LA Times, not owned by Jews. BET, not owned by Jews, The huffington Post, with more readers than any printed newspaper in the U.S. started by Arianna huffington…not Jewish

    So I’m just curious, Considering that all of the major media companies and some of the largest Newspapers in the country I just mentioned are not owned by Jews….just what is it that they supposedly control?

  • tjr101

    He most certainly has the resume for a Faux News!

  • Kieran

    C’mon, we’ve got Bill Mahur spewing all kinds of hateful and obnoxious opinions about Christians, white males, the Pope, Catholic priests, Southerners, nuns, Republicans, WASPs, you name it, and its never deemed “controversial” or grounds for firing. Its hard to refute the oft heard charge that “free speech” is only “controversial” or “troubling” if it is deemed to be critical of Jews or Israel.

  • ewe

    @Kieran: I don’t like jon stewart or colbert either but it is not because they were raised in suburbia as caucasian. Their humor is not funny to me is the only reason. Sanchez is insecure about his hispanic background and he thinks it was safe to insult white people and/or jewish people because of his own Politically Correct minority status and our culture that seems to condone putting down the stereotypical “stupid white male”. He can choke on his own hypocrisy. Kick his ass out the door. He is finished.

  • H. Gangloff

    Always thought Rick Sanchez was an idiot. Couldn’t care less about his opinions on Jews or CNN big wigs, just glad he’s gone!!!

  • john

    Sanchez is an idiot… if the Jews really controlled media then he would have been fired for that comment!

    …oh wait

  • Jimmy Fury

    damn. I was so hoping he was fired for saying “Bully” is a made-up word. Thus ushering in the grand cleansing wherein all news stations systematically fire all the morons who can’t comprehend the difference between opinion and fact.
    Leading us into a golden age of fact-based news, logically sound arguments, and source citations!

    woulda been nice…

  • RomanHans

    What an idiot. Sanchez should have known that gays are the minority group that are fair game.

  • jane doe

    Geraldine Ferraro said “you can’t criticize a black person without being called a racist” and she was immeditaly slurred as racist and fired. The whole planet was going into convulsions last month because a private citizen in the US was going to burn a Koran. Yet Marlyn Mason burns a bible during his concert and no one bats an eye. Two of MANY examples that dem jooos aren’t the only people who get placated.

  • jane doe

    @Kieran: Really? Then explain why the whole planet goes craaazy everytime Islam is insulted. Our president will harrass a private citizen for doing something that offends Muslims. He doesn’t do that for Christians, JEws, Hindus.
    Don Imus got fired for saying stuff no worse then black folks get a free pass at all the time. And Jesse Jackson was able to ruin Michael Richards career for racial slurs, then months later when Jackson got caught saying similar things he got was able to go back to being an “anti racist” leader within 2 weeks!

  • Queer Supremacist

    Good riddance, romanist scum.

    Hopefully the INS will send his heretic breeder ass back to whatever scum hole he crawled out of.

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