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  • jason

    I won’t be going in to bat for Lady Gaga on this. Why should I support someone who is exploiting the bisexual double standard? She’s promoting the notion that only girl-girl is hot, not guy-guy. She’s done this consistently in her videos by refusing to show any male-male. She’s despicably appealing to the sleazy straight guy fantasy while at the same time claiming to be “for gay rights”.

    Fight your own battles, cunt. This is one gay guy who won’t be batting for you.

  • Sean

    @jason: uh… I thought the “Teeth” video was pretty darn male-male…

  • glasshouses

    Add to it the bi-fantasy Nirvana that is the background love-in on the love seat in “Poker Face.”

  • Jack

    @Sean: The ‘Teeth’ video wasn’t an official Gaga video…more like a fan tribute…

  • Sceth

    @jason: Some of the patrons in the bar in ‘Telephone’ seem like gay couples. But anyway, that doesn’t matter. Do you really blame her for prudent business? You understand exactly why she puts so much faux lez in her videos. Besides, she’s a woman; she’s at a significant handicap when it comes to performing male-male intimacy.

  • fredo777

    @jason: would you shut up, already?

  • fredo777

    Why is it considered faux lez when she has already expressed her bisexual attraction, anyway?

    Also, if CNN is the “least relevant of the news networks”, which two are you putting it behind? God forbid Fox News is one of them.

  • ee

    @jason: Seriously, no-one gives a fuck. What makes you think that Lady Gaga has any obligation to show man-on-man in her videos? And since when does battling for gay rights include showing sleazy clips of guys getting it on? Get over yourself.

  • jason

    I personally don’t give a rat’s what you say about me. Many of you are dumb gay guys who don’t have the slightest understanding of sexual politics or sexual power plays. You truly are pathetic. You will clasp your hands together in ecstasy when Lady Gaga says something pro-gay but you neglect to look behind the facade as to what is really going on here.

    I, at least, have had the gumption to criticize Lady Gaga. I can see behind the facade.

  • jason

    Let’s not forget Madonna’s early pandering to “the gays”. I see parallels in Lady Gaga. Same formula, different hairstyles.

  • jason


    For the umpteenth time, the video for Teeth is not an official Interscope Records-approved video from Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga isn’t even in it.

    How many more times do you need to be told this? Now, repeat after me….

  • james p. p.

    Jason: so what?

    is this what you’re life has come to… anonymous internet bitching about completely fabricated non-issues via multiple posts on multiple threads?

    i guess that is way more productive than actually volunteering for an organization, donating money, or having a life….

  • greenluv1322

    As a lesbian, I love it! Go Lady Ga Ga!

  • fredo777

    @jason: You are speaking a lot to say a little.

    An awful lot. An awful, awful lot. It’s all basically a continuation of the same rant, on different article pages (+ different blogs, apparently).

  • Seth

    I like GaGa a lot but I thought the video was dumb and unoriginal. Themla and Louise mixed with Tarrantino and stealing from Madonna’s Human Nature look and What it Feels like For A Girl video. Don’t get me wrong GaGa’s songs are catchy and I’ve seen her twice in concert but it’s all starting to sound the same, little lyrical depth and the video had no point (wasn’t it about drinking at a club and not answering a phone call from a botty call?). Just Dance (easily the simpliest of all her videos) was the most original and the best. GaGa is starting to get too big too fast w/o the depth to back it all up. She needs to follow Madonna and write a song with a deeper meaning b/c all the smoke and mirrors would last forever.

  • Seth

    correction “all the smoke and mirros WONT last forever.”

  • glasshouses

    I didn’t really care for this one as much either.

    I actually liked the arc in Paparazzi and found the images in Bad Romance to be quite classic (yes, even with the Teen Wolf dance going on. The Fellini overtones in the opening coupled with the later hints at German expressionism got me. Oh, and the French didn’t hurt much.)

    This one seemed– pushed maybe? The images weren’t as sleek or smooth. The Thelma and Louise hands, the beer can curls, the cliched “bad, bad girl”– it just lacked the finesse of earlier work.

  • Nick

    She may not have any guy-guy action in her videos but, as somebody else has stated, she is a woman, and considering she is the focus of most of her videos, it makes sense.
    Besides, surely her contributions to the National Equality March are worth more than any guy-guy action in a pop video. And surely she should be recognised for this?

  • jason


    Christina Aguilera is all-woman. This didn’t stop her from putting a beautiful, sensuous male-male kiss in her Beautiful video?

    What’s stopping Lady Gaga? Her record company? Her video producer Jonas Akerlund? Lady Gaga herself?

    Enquiring minds wish to know. Like an iceberg, much of the reason is hidden below the surface.

  • sal(the original)

    @jason: well its nice to see jason have such an equal feeling about the representation for our lesbian sisters,so what there werent any gay guys kissing where in the plot would a gay couple kissing would fit in in a FEMALE prison?”oh just stick them in”yeah that will do…GAGA IS NOT THE ENEMY,JEEZ GROW UP

  • jason

    Sorry, Sal, but Lady Gaga IS the enemy. She’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing, claiming to be pro-gay but basically pandering to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action.

    By the way, I would love for an enterprising journalist from the gay community to ask her this simple question:

    “Lady Gaga, why is it that, in all of your official music videos, you have failed to show male-male sensuality?”

    The poor dear wouldn’t know what to say.

  • fredo777

    Furthermore, why is it necessarily pandering to a “sleazy straight guy fantasy” to show female-on-female? Have you ever considered that Gaga might also have some lesbian fans who enjoy such action in her vids? Are they less “valid” or less “gay” than the gay male fans whose money spends just the same as the gay female ones? For that matter, doesn’t she also have some straight male fans who might purchase her music from time to time?

  • jason


    Well, Lady Gaga hasn’t given any representation to male-male sensuality in her music videos. She has assiduously avoided it.

    You’d think that she might have given at least a little but she hasn’t.

    She’s a carefully manufactured hypocrite who is beholden to the male heterosexual bosses at her record company.

  • Dima

    Absolutelly right! How many double standarts in homophobia else???
    What about our answer? Also! Many heterosexual girls likes gay-scenes!

  • kvitka

    Jason, you are absolutelly right!!!

    To tell the truth, I do not understand for what all this singeress are given by awards us GLAAD! What have they made for gay and bi guys? Except as have told that treat kindly…. As well as millions other people already. It was actual, when the Madonna in the last century so spoke.
    Now they name themselves gay icons, but thus cultivate even more double standards which only humiliate gay guys. To that should gays rejoice?!! I do not understand! The most part of fans of pop are women and gay guys and many straight women likes gay erotic! then why they avoid gay scenes in the clips??? Why Lady Gaga has not declared the gay clip “Teeth” for MTV? (Though there at all there was no kiss in lips) And here the clip “Telephone” with a female-female kiss was declared.
    Why in last clip of Christina Agilera is double standarts again???
    According the new very dangerous stereotype which women can be bisexual, and men can be only heterosexual. Really gay guys it is all arranges??!!
    Probably, these singeress are afraid to lose lewd homophobic hypocrites of a male? And that if gays boycott them!?

    And all because the gay guys especially some, have got used to be content with the small. And not to irritate at all sacred straight homophobic guys with the fact of the existence! Well the Eider in the Internet as a bone to the gay fans an informal clip “Teeth” has thrown the Lady. And all are glad well to unconsciousness. And on all basic channels we gays will look as the girl kiss, and only girls, and too to it to rejoice! Well abruptly…. Is this a gay icon??!!
    I also do not understand for what gays should love it! That will be with her army of gay fans if there will be a new singeress who will be valid something to do for us and not to be afraid to show in the clips of the relation of two guys!?

    Sorry for my not ideal English.

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