CNN’s Kyra Phillips Mistakes GOP Contributor With C-Word

Jane Fonda shocked the world when she said “cunt” on the Today Show this year, but the actress finds herself topped today after CNN’s Kyra Phillips twice let the dreaded c-word slip while introducing Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez.

Unlike Fonda, Phillips’ was simply stumbling over the word “contributor,” so it was a complete accident. We think. And don’t worry about Sanchez – she has a good chuckle over the vulgarity. Those Republicans are just such sports!

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  • fredo777


    Roland is a funny guy.

  • Iain

    Jane Fonda didn’t “shock the world”, British tv viewers have been used to the word “cunt” on tv since it was first used on a primetime drama in the late 1970s (on a commercial network), there are no taboos on language on UK tv, still less in the UK press (and I mean the quality broadsheet press like the Independent and the Guardian); can’t imagine the NY Times letting itself go like that, can you? I certainly cunt. I mean can’t.

  • ricardo

    thats fuckin hilarious! that takes some balls.

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