CNN’s “Millennial Trump Voter” Reminds People Of Someone, But Who?

As the election looms mere hours in our collective future, ideological debate has reached something of a stalemate — if you don’t know where you stand on the most pressing issues of the day, you truly have been living under a rock.

But while the room for political discourse may have reached a temporary ceasefire until the votes are counted and the future secured, there is still one item of extreme import up for debate: Who, exactly, does CNN’s “Millennial Trump voter” remind you of?

Alex Griswold, a reporter for Mediaite, sparked the conversation with a Tweet this morning:

But while that statement might be true, the photo set off a serious round of comparisons.

The obvious standout, of course, is Draco Malfoy:


“In other words,” wrote one commenter, “Trump has locked down the Draco Malfoy vote.”

“He looks like he’s thinking hard about how to resolve ‘the Mudblood question,'” chimed in another.

Some saw the Malfoy resemblance, but felt the comparison was lacking something, or someone. Or whatever it is you call a Milo:


“I saw him and thought ‘Dammit they cloned Milo,'” wrote one disappointed internet surfer.

But the comparisons didn’t stop there, from the Mighty Ducks villain:


To a little dose of Max Headroom:


And while we don’t quite see it, someone called out A.J. Soprano:


OK, but we can all agree ha looks strikingly similar to Richie Rich:


And, yeah, there’s definitely some Waldo from The Little Rascals:


We never would have guessed this one, but after someone suggested “Magic Earring Ken,” well, yeah, we see it:


But perhaps the most terrifying comparison comes at the prospect of this little Trumpet pretty convincingly resembling the Nazi youth from Cabaret:


In summation: GO VOTE.