CNN’s Psychologist Jeff Gardere: ‘Worst Nightmare’ Of Gay + Straight Parents To Think Their Kid Is Gay

The amazing mother who defended — and took pride in — her 5-year-old son’s decision to wear a Daphne (from Scooby Doo) Halloween costume agreed to speak to CNN about the ridiculous attacks they faced from fellow parents, only to have clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere tell her on-air that gay and straight parents fear their kids might be gay. Unbelievable.

Sarah, who blogs under the name “Cop’s Wife,” was told by Gardere that “with all due respect, whether your child is gay or straight, I think you kind of outed him by putting him in the blogs. … I kinda question putting that picture out there that will be out there forever.”

This man believes “it is the worst nightmare of both the heterosexual and the gay couples to have to fathom that their child may be gay.” Sarah properly responds: “If you see his face in that costume, you see that he is absolutely thrilled.”

(NB: Tell that to folks like Robbie Williams, who wants gay kids.)

We’ve got kids bullying kids, adults bullying kids, and now adults bullying other adults about having gay kids. Gardere might be stating a fact — that, in his practice, parents worry about having gay kids — but he failed to follow up that remark by noting that fear is preposterous.

As for “outing” her son? Would Sarah have been more responsible by only sharing stories about her son’s supposed heterosexuality? Is it fair to out straight kids?

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