CO Governor Axed Patrol Chief In Wake Of Anti-Gay Bias Allegations

The head of the Colorado State Patrol was asked to retire by the Governor after an investigation into anti-gay harassment and discrimination in the department.

At least two officers reported they were not hired because of their sexuality, including former trooper Capt. Brett Williams, who was made to answered an inappropriate question in a polygraph test about a sexual encounter with a male masseuse. A month later, a former CSP intern revealed he had been asked about a sexual encounter with another man during a lie-detector test. The intern was subsequently not hired.

A internal investigation in December reported no wrongdoing by the department as a whole, though it appears Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and James H. Davis, director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, requested  CSP chief James Wolfinbarger’s contract be terminated early.

Wolfinbarger, who had been in the position since 2009, is being given a severance package worth $90,000, reports 7News in Denver.