Co-host Susanna Reid’s brilliant BURN achieves the impossible: it makes Piers Morgan shut up

Blowhard conservative talking head Piers Moragn just got firmly put in his place by co-host Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. 

The end result is a pure joy to watch.

“I get annoyed when people start banging on about politics on Facebook,” Morgan drones on, sans irony.

“I’ve had to unfriend family members, ’cause it’s like I can’t… I need some respite.

Can’t you just put a picture of your little kid, y’know, having an ice-cream or something?”

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Enter Reid, eyes perceptibly rolling.

“I know exactly what you mean,” she says.

“Someone just keeps going on and on and on, and you just need respite and a break. And you just wish you could defriend them, but you’re just forced every day to listen to their views… I know exactly how you feel.”

For perhaps the first time in his professional life, Morgan appears to be at a loss for words. And it’s a good look on him.