CO. Mogul Not Down With Gays

Colorado Springs’ developers and politicos alike recently announced to the world that they’ve shed their anti-gay ways and are now a completely queer inclusive community. Unfortunately, prominent real estate man Ron Spraggins didn’t get the message. Spraggins – who presides over Colorado’s oldest, “number one in sales since 1975” real estate group, Commonwealth – sent a nasty note to a Queerty reader named Roman, who commented on our original post:

A hetero friend moved from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. He’s a Buddhist Caucasian married to an Asian woman. They just had a daughter, and wanted to raise her in a family-friendly environment. They moved back to L. A. within six months. Apparently gay is just part of a long list of things those people hate.

And apparently Roman’s comment on our original story rubbed Spraggins to wrong way, because Roman received this rambling message:

One simple question: do you believe in The Bible. If so, what does it say about gay sex? Clearly says it’s a sin, just like adultry [sic], stealing, etc. Using another sin to justify your doesn’t work. What happened to “We just want to be left alone?” clause ou all used when Amendment 2 came up? You’re on an agenda, just like [Family Research Council president Tony] Perkins said years ago. Re: people who went back to AL, good. Maybe you and your other gays friends should do the same, since LA likes everything except what this country was founded upon. If everyone was what you want, gay, how do we reproduce?

Um, duh! We don’t.

Gays will not rest until the entire planet’s one big wasteland of corpses and AIDS. Oh, and drag queens’ old, tattered wigs. Obviously this man hasn’t brushed up on our agenda. Maybe you guys can help show him the way. Here’s his company’s phone number: 719-685-0600. Send him our love.