CO Rep. Who Voted Down Civil Unions Bill Has Gay Son

The campaign manager for Colorado State Rep. Marsha Looper (R-El Paso) was so happy that her boss voted against civil unions that she forwarded an email to supporters praising Looper’s stance, even though the politician has a gay son.


During the House Appropriations Committee hearing on May 8, Looper amended SB 2 “to protect religious organizations and different kinds of counselors from harm for disagreeing with the civil unions provisions had it passed. (Praise God!)”

The bill died in on the House floor in May. But the email, sent by staffer Lana Fore-Warkocz, went to on add, “”God is truly to be praised for Marsha Looper because she also has a homosexual son.”

Looper hasn’t kept her son’s sexuality a secret, but she certainly hasn’t advertised it in campaign literature.

The Denver Post reports Looper claimed to be “very disappointed,” about the email being forwarded. “These are are very intimate issues. I love my son. I always will. He has said, ‘Mom, I want my privacy.’”

House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino, a gay Denver Democrat who co-sponsored the civil unions measure, wondered if Looper’s son, who lives out of state, “appreciates being used in this way.” .

We wonder how long Looper’s campaign manager is gonna keep her job.

Looper said said her family’s personal lives were “not a legitimate avenue for my campaign, or any other campaign to discuss.” Maybe Rep. Don Coram (R-Montrose) would discuss it. He’s another Colorado state representative with a gay son who voted against SB 2.

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  • Mike1987

    Now there is a family in deep denial; a son ashamed he’s gay and a mother finding ways to ensure he remains ashamed. How republican

  • 1equalityUSA

    Her face is so conflicted. Take a finger and cover her mouth and look at what her eyes register, then do the same with her eyes. She’s frowning and smiling at the same time…Republican.

  • JayUVA

    If Dick Cheney – the meanest snake to slither into Wash., DC. – can publicly support, or at least not condemn, marriage equality, then a state rep should be able to support it also. Yes, it would have been a bigger political risk for Cheney to make that statement while still in office, but since he is trotted out for some political chat shows now and then at least it is a hard-right republican saying the world won’t end if The Gays are allowed to marry.

  • w.e.

    These people are beneath contempt. Voting against the interests of your own children for political gain is disgusting and vile.

  • Steve

    She claims she loves her son, yet she works to harm him.
    If she loved her son, she would not vote to harm him.
    She would, instead, work to repeal discrimination,
    and convince others in the legislature.

    Young gay men from families who reject them, sometimes commit suicide.
    She should try to imagine how she would feel, after that.

  • Belize

    Good to know that the likes of jason and JayKay have moms who “love” them despite their usual hatred and phobia towards women. :) Now we know why they are such outstanding members of the LGBT, ever so diligent in refuting the existence of the B and the T while just outright hating on the L.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @w.e.: And you sound surprised? They are fucking politicians, afterall, so, no surprise.

  • Disgusted American

    pretty pathetic when a mother puts her political party before her own son…..she’s a scumbag, and he’s an asshole for supporting the bitch

  • MJ

    @Belize: I know right?

    I guess it’s the norm in Colorado to stick a knife in your children’s backs if they’re gay.

  • Cam

    “He has said, ‘Mom, I want my privacy.’””

    That is a bunch of B.S. She is the one who thinks it is something dirty and shameful.

    And again, I LOVE these politicians who put family pictures all over their websites claiming that people shouldn’t bring up their family in a campaign.

  • rf

    Her son wants his privacy while she sticks her nose in everyone’s bedrooms to decide who gets access to their civil rights.

  • tjr101

    Now we know how people like Ken Mehlman and Richard Grennell develop. They come from “mothers” like this who claim to “love” them.

  • Caleb

    What a be-yotch!!!

  • Barca

    @Mike1987: How do you know her son is ashamed he’s gay? I’m very out and proud, married my husband a year ago. Our parents run the spectrum of acceptance and bigotry. Some have freely voted for equality though a few have taken years to do so (all are either Republicans or very right-wing Libertarians), and still one we don’t talk with because of her fervent anti-gay/anti-equality stances. Because parents and kids disagree doesn’t mean the kid is ashamed.

    She is the politician, her son is not. He should not be expected to be in the public eye if he doesn’t want to. Bristol Palin (as an example) chose to be in the public eye, respect his wishes that he doesn’t want to associate with her.

  • Paul B.

    I’m not sure why this sad excuse for a woman of a gay son…thinks it’s OK to make our families lives a legitimate avenue for her campaign to discuss. If she thinks her life is better than ours and somehow “protected”…guess what Marsha…IT’S NOT !!

  • robert

    She is a really dysfunctional sick bitch. A horrible mother who sells out her own son for her hate filled political agenda. I hope she rots in hell. She should never have had children. Shes ugly and I fucking hate her guts.

  • mk ultra

    How could she do that to her own son?
    She sold her soul to her political party.
    Hope it was worth it because one day marriage equality will go through but she will still be a souless witch.

  • villa viper

    Just because you are gay does not mean your family will be supportive. I came out when I was 17 and my mother has always been a proud Christian Bigot Homophobe. No big surprise about this chick :-(

  • Daez

    Her job is to REPRESENT the desires of her constituents. It is not to get elected and then push her personal desires. You have know clue what her personal desires really are, you only know what her vote was.

    I think it is borderline vile that she cast this vote while she has a gay son, but at the end of the day she was doing what she should be doing as a politician and representing the people that voted (and vote) for her.

    If you do not like the outcome work harder to change the minds of the people that vote for her.

  • jason

    This is a mother who voted to keep her son a second-class citizen. While I accept her love for her son, she needs to think of how her act to vote down the bill has made him lesser in the eyes of the law.

  • zootsuit

    What a shame. Maybe she should look at her gay son as a GIFT from GOD to teach her unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance. Isn’t your mother supposed to love you unconditionally, meaning “I want EVERY advantage and RIGHT he/she deserves.” She voted against her own child’s rights… it’s sad and pathetic!

  • David

    @villa viper: I know it is lame but I still feel like shit that my entire extended family wiped me off their family tree. Just Mum and sisters OK with it. And my family are not religious or republican (or even conservative!). I ended up living with a conservative Maori catholic family who never judged me. I buried one of them a month ago. You never know how parents will react.

  • David

    It is sad that any peoplea re being disenfranchised in policy. Why would anyone want anyone to be shut out of any public or work arena.

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