CO School Suspends Trans Student For Using The Correct Bathroom

Dionne Malikowski knows that when nature calls it frikkin’ hollers. That’s why the Fort Collins, Colorado student ignored her high school faculty’s repeated demands for her to use the teacher bathrooms instead of the student women’s bathroom because “There’s not staff bathrooms all over the school, [and] when you really got to pee, you got to pee.” Now the school has suspended her for using the correct bathroom. But the issue

The school district and state association of school boards both says there’s no consistent policy on how to handle “this emerging legal issue,” but if Malikowski sues they’ll probably come up with one lightning quick. After all, it’s not advanced chemistry—just allow trans students to pee in their preferred bathroom. If anything, that’s elementary civics.

Until then, the schools get a B minus for effort.