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CO State Sen. Kevin Lundberg Pulls The Old ‘Civil Unions Ruined France’ Argument

Though it passed the Colorado Civil Union Act last week in a 23-12 vote, Colorado’s State Senate was not without its vocal opponents to second-class marriage. Sen. Kevin Lundberg, a Republican, took to the Senate floor to tell everyone that enacting this piece of legislation would turn America into that awful socialist state of France, where “family” is now just some euphemism for hanging out below a bridge smoking crack. “We need not go back centuries, in fact we cannot go back centuries, because it is such a foreign concept to human experience, save the last few decades. But we do have some examples,” says Lundberg. “We can look to the nation of France, which instituted civil unions in the 1990s. We can look at some of these Scandinavian countries that have gone down this same road and what we see is not a reinforcement of marriage and the family unit. But what we see are cultures that have abandoned the family unit as a foundation of human society…This would change the very concept of what marriage is.” Here’s what “changed” in France: gay couples, what with their civil unions, are still wildly discriminated against as, you guessed it, families. And don’t worry, Lundberg: France didn’t see the need to let civil unions morph into full blown marriage rights.