foul play

Coach Lisa Howe Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Being A Lesbian Got Her Ousted From Belmont University

“I’m not free to discuss that,” says Lisa Howe about why she’s no longer Belmont University’s women’s soccer coach. She cites a confidentiality clause that prohibits her from speaking about her departure from the team that, at least according to this EPSN interview, seemed to be perfectly accepting of its coach’s sexuality. In fact, they wanted a “team baby.” Howe says only that “both parties agreed it wasn’t the best place to work.” And why did Howe agree to sign a clause that bars her from speaking about what transpired between Belmont and she? Because Belmont offered up a severance package — one likely sweetened by a non-disclosure agreement. And after all, Howe now has a newborn baby to think about. That, and Howe might not want to drum up a controversy surrounding Howe hiring her own partner as an assistant coach without disclosing their relationship. Which would’ve, uh, gotten her fired.

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