Coca-Cola Signs On As “Official Presenting Sponsor” Of NYC Pride

Heritage of Pride, the nonprofit that manages NYC Pride, has gotten the Coca-Cola corporation to sign on as their big sponsor of the year.

Does this mean free Diet Cokes all along the parade route? Probably not, but it does mean we have a powerful corporate ally.

“At Coca-Cola, one of our seven core values is diversity, and we define that in a simple way—we are as inclusive as our brands,” said Hallie Lorber, Director of Field Marketing, Northeast region. “Through our partnership with NYC Pride, we hope to promote diversity by recognizing the valued members of the Coca-Cola family who help build our business every day, as well as people in the LGBT community for whom our brands inspire moments of optimism, happiness and refreshment.”

Their awesome advocacy—it’s the first time NYC Pride has ever gotten an “official presenting sponsor”—might turn this Pepsi boy into a Coke queen.

The Pride Grand Marshals, announced last week, include Cyndi Lauper, Kiehl’s president Chris Salgardo, and the first lesbian couple to be married in New York state, Phyllis Siege and Connie Kopelov.

Here’s a banner with the Coca-Cola branding incorporated:

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  • TedSmitts

    Pride: Brought you by Coca Cola.

    This isn’t a good thing.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    Well that’s unfortunate.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @TedSmitts: @

    This is sooo wrong because…..uh, why is this wrong at all?????

  • Adam

    Maggie Gallagher is going to lose so much weight from the boycott.

  • drums

    Taking time off from executing union leaders in South America and illegally polluting the waters of India to buy the loyalty off another marginalized group, I see…

  • QJ201

    Pride festivals wouldn’t need corporate sponsors if members of the community, you know, actually like donated money…instead of just showing up and bitching about how lame pride is.

  • george

    and the million mom boycott begins in 5…4….3…..2…..

  • Roz

    It isn’t special at all. Coca Cola also sponsors the Pope’s visits to many countries, and where does that fit in the seven core values? I’ll tell you, in MAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN.

  • Belize

    @QJ201: Seconded.

  • NYCGuy85

    I was a voting member of this organization, resigned my membership due to the internal politics. It was run by the most dysfunctional group of people I have ever encountered. It amazed me how they were able to put together such massive events. They hopefully got their act together with new leadership and are really making things happen. Good to finally hear it. The Grand Marshals were spot on as well.

  • John

    @GreatGatsby2011: Here, let me find you a tin foil hat

  • GreatGatsby2011

    @John: Riiiiiight. It’s a fact that it’s perfectly “sane” to believe that a giant bearded man wanders around in the clouds granting wishes and passing judgment on the moral short-comings of homosexuals (when he’s not too busy making sure Tim Tebow’s pass attempts are successful, at least 46% of them) without a shred of evidence to support it, but I’M crazy for believing the possibility of a crime having been comitted when that is actually supported by evidence. Considering the source of the criticism and the fact that the current definition of sanity allows for the absolutely inane belief mentioned above, I’ll take that tin foil hat and wear it with pride.

  • Justin

    I think this is GREAT!! LGBPT Pride!!

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