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CockyBoys’ Tayte Hanson Opens Up About What Scares Him

IMG_9788-1Just when you thought you couldn’t experience Tayte Hanson on a more personal level, the CockyBoys exclusive model opens up for an interview with The Underwear Expert.

He goes surprisingly deep, revealing not-so-secrets such as a versatile belly button (he can make it an innie or an outie) and a love for jumping from staggering heights. We also asked him about his underwear, of course. Spoiler alert: he likes to exercise in jockstraps.

There is a Q&A below, but first things first: watch the video interview. Tayte wears a white Dolce & Gabanna brief under a pair of blue jeans. Did we mention he does so while soaking in a river? Well he does. And all of a sudden, it’s been far too long since we’ve skinny dipped.

Guilty Pleasure: What is your favorite reality TV or Competition show?

None. I love sitcoms and stand up comedy. If I had a guilty pleasure on TV it’d be re-watching American Ham by Nick Offerman. I also really enjoy most shows centered around homo culture because I enjoy seeing the opinions and views of others on the culture I find myself most attached to.

What’s the scariest/riskiest thing you’ve ever done not related to modeling?

I love heights and have jumped, flown, and fallen from many a tall place and love it. The most dangerous was probably cliff diving in Mexico — we were jumping from around 60 feet and the fall was amazing.

What is a smell you absolutely love? 

I love wood. OK, man wood sure, but mostly pine, oak, and cedar. Something about nature is so incredibly sensual and sexy to me. If I ever come out with a fragrance, it’s basically gonna be a tree branch in a bottle.

Video Credit: The Underwear Expert, Cockyboys

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