Colbert Will Not Take Harvey Milk Stamp Lying Down

colbert harvey milk stampAs we reported earlier, the US Postal Service is releasing a Harvey Milk stamp later this year, and Steven Colbert for one is outraged.

Commemoration on stamps, he fumes, is “a prestigious honor traditionally reserved for our greatest presidents and regional songbirds.” But now the gays are rubbing everyone’s nose in their history — unacceptable! And “nose-rubbing,” he adds, “is very big in the gay Eskimo community.”

“If I want to mail something I have to lick this guy’s backside?” Colbert demands. “If it’s self-adhesive, now I’m licking his front? Make no mistake, if it’s mail, I’m licking something.”

Oddly enough, one of Queerty’s commentators appears to have half-written Colbert’s joke for him a few weeks ago. On our previous Harvey Milk stamp post, DonW wrote, “Oh goodie, I always wanted to lick Harvey Milk’s backside! (Yeah, I know, stamps are self-adhesive now… such a shame…)”

So, okay, that’s a weird coincidence.

Anyway, the stamp debuts on May 22, Harvey Milk Day. There’s been a push for a little ceremony in San Francisco to observe the occasion, so keep your eye on Harvey Milk’s old shop if you’re in the neighborhood.