Family feud

Colby Kellers’s mom wanted to shoot him (and herself) after he came out

Adult film star Colby Keller went ahead and made Nico Tortorella cry during the most recent episode of the actor/model’s podcast The Love Bomb.

Things started to get personal when Keller shared a story about how his parents reacted to the fact that he was gay when he was 15-years-old.

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Keller, who’s the youngest of four kids, kept a stash of gay adult meterial hidden under the bathroom sink and his mother found it one day.

The box mysteriously vanished, and his parents told him after school one day that they needed to have a talk.

That convo wound up happening with Keller on one side of his locked bedroom door, and his parents on another.

“It was a real revelation,” Keller says of the incident.

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“My father … he was really supportive. He was crying. He was doing everything he could in the language that he possessed to try and comfort me and make it okay for me.”

His mother was a different story:

This great, upstanding Christian woman, she’s angry. She’s trying to read the Bible which I’m like, “No, we’re not going to do this.”

She tells me, “I wish I had a gun so I could kill you and then blow my own brains out all over this sofa.

It was a statement that forever changed their relationship.

“I love my mother and she really is a beautiful human being,” says Keller, “but I stopped calling her ‘mother’ after that.”

“To this day I really don’t call her mother because of that incident.”

A tongue-tied Tortorella, clearly at a loss, finally says, “Whew! This is the part where we cry.”