Colby Melvin Is A Drama Queen Who Can’t Keep His Clothes On

Word of advice: Don’t ever make Colby Melvin angry. If you do, be aware that he just might take off his red high heels and smack you across the face with them. Just ask Idan Matalon, who dared tussle with the sexy underwear model. OK, maybe they’re just playing along and lip-syncing to one of their favorite telenovelas (something about a damned hairdresser), but we still think it’s better to be cautious.

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Watch all the high drama unfold below.

MALDITA PELUQUERAAAAAA!!!!MALDITA PELUQUERAAAAAA!!!! con Colby Melvin & Idan MatalonMas videos y fotos en nuestro perfil de MOOVZ – La Red Social LGBT : Original:

Posted by Idan Matalon on Tuesday, 8 September 2015