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Colby Melvin Launching A Hot New Clothing Line “To Accessorize Your Awesomeness”

1132282_1395188124.7713_multiUnderwear model and human rights activist Colby Melvin is looking to branch out into fashion, and he needs $20,000 to get his new clothing line up and running.

Ever the optimist, Colby has designed the new gender-neutral line to “inspire confidence, happiness, and good-will toward all around you.” Clothes are all about finding your inner-happiness through self acceptance, he says, and his clothes are “just here to accessorize your awesomeness.”

He’s soooo adorable!

Colby draws his inspiration from “the 90’s, haute boheme, Peter Pan, and [his] friends”:

My clothes are meant to empower anyone who wears them. I am an unapologetic nerd at heart and like to think of my clothes as giving people super powers. The clothes will look great on you, but more importantly they will make you feel great about yourself. Items I make include shirts, hoodies, tank tops, shorts, running pants, and (my favorite) onesies. I like fun textures, nontraditional materials, prints, and bright colors.

Colby needs cash to get his new brand off the ground because “making clothes is expensive!” This one-man shop is currently sourcing, sewing, marketing, selling, packaging, and distributing everything by himself.

“Several stores have made inquiries about making bulk orders,” he says, “but in order to do that, I need to be able to reduce production time.” He’s looking to hire a few extra hands and wants to slash prices.

If Steve Grand can raise $230,000 for a new album, this should be a piece of cake, right? Plus, Colby’s birthday is this week! After all he’s done for you, isn’t it time you gave back?





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  • LarsNtherealboy

    That 2nd pic needs to have gone lower.

  • tophyv

    He isn’t asking for investors, he’s asking people to donate so he can make his initial order. Is he planning on keeping any sales proceeds for himself instead of returning them to his benefactors? This doesn’t seem like a prudent business opportunity….

  • TerrenM

    Have you seen this little person’s house? Him and his husband’s home is extremely nice. It can be Googled. They did a photo shoot in it. Maybe they should take a second loan on their home and stop asking for hand-outs?!? He’s NO Steve Grand!

  • Aaron

    I feel his design concepts are kinda mediocre and lacking a coherent aesthetic. It’s like if PacSun and Brandy Melville had a gay coked-out baby. He needs to understand that it’s the clothes that make a brand, not the designer’s face and body.

  • misterhollywood

    Some of the clothes look pretty cool,

  • Daniepwils

    TerrenM ~ I don’t think they own that home, most likely rented. I could be wrong though.

    Why not take out a business loan like everyone else?

  • Tommy

    Some of the clothes is decent enough. I like the onesie and the black tee wit the patterned heart, but I despise that “halter hoodie” (I’m sure that’s probably not its name). It’s not that hard to raise 20,000$ if people believe in the cause. I don’t know how well known he is (I’m just hearing of him today).

    As far as a business loan; he probably can’t take out a loan and got denied or doesn’t want to. I’d look forward to seeing some of his clothes whenever I go shopping.

  • BrokebackBob

    I think he’s so in love, he figures people should give him money as well. I suspect he’s a pretty excellent person, but when you’re in -LOVE-, having been there myself, I can see why you are more likely to do new stuff outside your comfort zone because you’ve got that person there to make you just ooze oxytocin (the feel close to you hormone) practically every day.

  • fredo777

    Re: Colby taking out a business loan, I take it none of you are familiar with KickStarter or how popular crowdfunding is nowadays…

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