COLD SHOULDER: Obama Won’t Stop Military From Kicking Out Gays


While President Obama “works with Congress” (or whatever he’s doing) to “repeal” (or “change”?) Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, don’t expect the White House to step in to keep gay servicemembers from being dismissed.

As the media finally leans on the administration to answer up to campaign promises, Press Sectary Robert Gibbs told reporters Obama — who’s made zero effort to even have a bill put before Congress, which is all but required to get legislators to act on military issues — won’t intervene in current investigations or dismissals.

While “the policy isn’t working for our national interests,” Gibbs says repealing it will “require more than the snapping of one’s fingers. To get fundamental reform in this instance requires a legislative vehicle. The president made a promise to change this policy; he will work with the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the administration and with Congress to ensure that we have a policy that works for our national interests.”

Except, noted a reporter: “He is the Commander-in-Chief. I mean, if the president and the Secretary of Defense can bring about a new leadership in Afghanistan, replace the commanding general there, couldn’t the president and the secretary of defense delay any more people getting fired under ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?”

Haha. Silly media types. Says Gibbs: “Well, there have been discussions about the best way to move forward, and the only sustainable way to do that is through — sustainable and durable way — is through legislation, which the president has promised and has continued to work for.”

Meaning that open letter First Lt. Dan Choi sent to the president? Pleading with him? Asking him, “Please do not fire me”?


In the meantime, while the pressure builds up against Obama, here’s Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese on Obama’s position: “The administration is probably working through a lot of different options right now, and we’re interested to see what is the most expeditious and sustainable one. They could be working on a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ strategy that would take 18 months. I trust that this is something that’s being worked on and they’re looking at something more comprehensive and long-term than just putting out a statement [of support].” Just in case you needed more evidence a certain gay rights organizations was in the tank with party Democrats.

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which represents Lt. Choi, is a little less patient: “Jones’s answer, along with Secretary Gates’s remarks to the Army War College on April 16, make it clear that a calculated political decision has been made that the president is not going to take ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ on publicly — himself — and instead his Defense team is doing it.” Adds former SLDN executive director Dixon Osburn: “We concluded that there was little legal precedent that definitively ruled whether the Constitution gave the president or Congress the plenary authority to regulate military personnel matters. … So, could the president issue an executive order concerning ‘don’t ask, don’t tell?’ Yes. Could Congress bring legal action challenging the president’s executive order? Yes.”

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  • walt zipprian

    Fucking asshole bigot.

    Where’s the change Barry? Where’s the change?

  • Mark

    Could it be any more clear? We don’t have a war on terrorism. The reason is clear. We can easily dismiss fluent Arabic speakers who are West Point graduates and who have exemplary records.

    See? It’s easy. We don’t have any need for Arabic translaters because there is NO WAR.

  • Michael @ LeonardMaltovich.com

    “fundamental reform,” “sustainable and durable” are pathetic, disingenuous excuses. Any act by any President, any act by any Congress, can be reversed by a future President, a future Congress…but that has not stopped men and women of courage from doing right when the opportunity was in THEIR hands.


  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com

    In my anger, I typed too quickly, it’s LeonardMatlovich.com

  • D-Sun

    So if you see the bus coming, does it hurt more or less when you’re tossed under it?

  • Andrew Triska

    I didn’t know you could put images in the comments. Queerty admins, any thoughts on disabling this feature?

  • John

    Remind me why I’m a democrat again? At least with republicans I know where I stand. Democrats will just lie to you.

  • InExile

    Leave him alone Queerty, he is sooooo busy, you know how important “everything else” is!

    This is all part of his grand “secret” plan to bring us equality, Queerty please stop picking on him!

    Oh, this article is just written by another “non-believer”, pay no attention.

    Here we go again, another “Clintonista” picking on poor O!

    He has only been in office a little over 100 days, but we all have “blind faith” he is working on our behalf, so leave him alone!

    Just the other day he referred to gay couples while telling a joke so don’t say he never said anything about his campaign promises for the LGBT community, the joke proves he is on our side.

  • BrianZ

    The whole DADT issue is such bullshit. I agree that simply tossing the law out the window without having given prior thought and consideration to the policies and training that might be necesary is not the best course of action.

    That does not equate to doing nothing. It is perfectly reasonable to suspend any and all investigations under DADT while a replacement law and/or policy is under review. As Commander in Chief, there is little doubt the POTUS has the authority to issue such a directive to his military personnel. And honestly, who really believes that Congress would actually challenge President Obama on this?

    This administration has been extremely careful about crafting and delivering its intended message from the primaries straight through the election cycle. To propose to me now that there is simply a lack of clear communication from the administration, that they really “have our back” is absurd. The only thing more laughable are the loons who believe there is some secret gay agenda. Next they’ll be telling us they will be installing a rainbow machine over Dupont Circle.

  • Audrina

    Lets summarize this already. Obama is a bigot, he’s stupid, he’s a deuchebag, he’s the most homophobic president, he’s weak, he’s a republican in disguise, he’s an N word, i’ll never vote for him again, he introduced DADT in 1993- NOT CLINTON, i hope he drops dead. bla bla bla. Did I about cover everyones opinion of this guy in queerty blog?

  • bigjake75

    What is left to say? when O-bag feels it is politically safe to openly pro equality for GLBT, then he will. and how many in our community will just lap it up like the pathetic little dogs they are? Can’t wait to see that circus.

  • John


    Do you honestly think he’ll do anything to help gay rights?

  • bigjake75

    @Audrina: wow. you ARE an intellectual aren’t you? dismiss idiotic comments, as you should. but how about refraining from making them. And be open to seeing when Obama is actually wrong. No one should get a pass.

  • Mat


    Learn your history. Clinton tried to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly, but the Senate balked and he was forced (even several Democrats told him that they would refuse to back him on this issue, Sam Nunn being their leader) to accept DADT as a compromise, which he hoped would be temporary. It was a fiasco, and one that cost Clinton a lot of political capital and alienated virtually everyone.

    Obama’s facing a different situation. While he isn’t responsible for DADT in any degree at all, the fact remains: he promised to get rid of it. And has refused to take this opportunity to put a human face on the suffering it has caused and make it that much easier for him to do politically. When this fact is combined with the fact that the Democrats are one seat away from a filibuster-proof majority (and if Franken is seated, they have it in the bag), and that the Democrats generally want DADT repealed, Obama has no excuse. His inaction is sending a signal to the LGBT community: “You’re not important.”

  • PatientLittleGay

    I imagine something will be done, sucks that it takes so long but thankfully we don’t have a commander in chief screaming against gays anymore. Wasn’t too long ago that the commander in chief was asking for a Marriage Amendment Act. Now we have one that may be taking longer than we’d like but thankfully one that will do something in time. Sucks in the meantime but glad there is a light on the horizon in our favor.

  • bigjake75

    @Mat: you are correct here. And if one runs for president and does not want to make tough decisions, he is applying for the wrong job. That is why Clinton punted on so many things. he did not have the spine to do what needed to be done. And it seems Obama is content to play politics too.

  • BrianZ

    @PatientLittleGay: I can appreciate your hopefullness. However, I and the rest of the queers who are actually touched by DADT don’t take a whole lot of comfort in your imaginings.

    If you have seen a time table for the repeal of DADT, please post a link so we can all share in your perspective of “in time”.

    We certainly do not have a president screaming against gays (and that is a relief) … we have one who really doesn’t have much to say on the subject at all unless you count his joke about Iowa. I don’t know about you, but that sure is hell is not the man I voted for.

    Let me push ‘pause’ on my enthusiasm.

  • jamesjames

    @Audrina: Lets summarize this already. I can’t handle the truth because I’m an Obot. It makes me cry when a blog doesn’t worship Obama and holds him accounble. My emotions are very unstable. I think I know what is going on politically but I have no idea and I don’t care because I love my Daddy O-bag. Leave my Daddy alone! You RACIST! This blog is RACIST! I can’t handle it anymore because I have run out of excuses for my Daddy O-bag. RACISTS! How dare anyone talk about what a BIGOT my Daddy O-bag is! Even though I’ve never seen any untoward words like the N word on this blog I am going to say it myself and call YOU the RACISTS! RACISTS! RACISTS!

  • jamesjames

    @straight: pew. you smell like VD and farts.

  • Michael

    While Obama’s direct authority on DADT issues is a question, I’m surprised that no one in the administration had worked on a band-aid to avoid losing the needed skills of LGBT soldiers until DADT can be taken on in the legislature. Perhaps fast-track soldiers into other departments, like State or NSA. While it doesn’t solve the underlying problem of DADT itself, it can help the administration on both a PR level and allows them to keep the investments they’ve made in the soldiers.

    I think he is on our side, but he either hasn’t figured out how to get the political support or is to afraid to lose what support he has on Economic issues. While I’m frustrated at his response, I haven’t given up on him…yet.

  • Nico


    Boy oh boy! You figured us all out! Oh how smart of you!

  • Jeff

    Is there some reason why we don;t have MASS Marches on Washington anymore? It would do more than us sitting on out fat asses and bitching about it on the internet.

  • fitc

    I have, but I never put any hope in a celebrity in the first place.

    Our LGBT youth are going to fight and die in Afghanistan, a war that he promised to end.

    Thanks Obama.





  • The Lesbian Mafia

    @Jeff: They pay attention to bloggers. It’s not just bitching on the internet. The web is all we have left.

    A march on Washington would be brilliant but half of the community is divided and wouldn’t dare because they are invested in brand, Barack. A march would imply discontent and God forbid they show discontent. They’re still nostalgic about him saying the word “gay.”

  • The Gay Numbers

    It’s really sad.

  • Audrina

    @jamesjames: wow chill out man. don’t yell in my ear.yelling at me will not get Clintons legacy namely DADT repealed. what are you angry at me for? It’s saint clinton who thought gays are not good enough for the military not me.

  • Camilo

    Again, I think you are all jumping the gun too early. How long does a promise have to go unfulfilled before it is considered a lie? 3 months? 6 months? A year? For you screaming bitches apparently it’s 114 days.

    He says he will change the policy. But he wants to do it with Congressional action. That takes time. Again, changing this nearly 25 year old policy will not happen overnight. Not if we want it done in a a permanent, lasting way that will not be able to be stricken down the next time a right wing President takes office.

    There is one thing I know about Obama – he’s a Constitutional scholar, he does things in a way that will not be able to be stricken down, that have concrete legal standing. He will have it examined from every legal angle. If the policy is changed, how then shall the people who have been thrown out be handled? Etc. etc. etc. He looks at an issue from every possible legal angle.

    It’s been what, 114 days into his Presidency…I’ve never seen such demanding people (as YOU) in my life. It’s kind of like the people who want a crash diet, their instantaneous results, only to gain it all come back later.

    Maybe Obama COULD do something quickly about this, but if it is not well thought out, it could be repealed or overturned. Do you want immediate change, or lasting change?

    I’m believing when the DADT policy comes out, it will give us what we want in a way no one can take away.

    If that’s even your hot button issue for Obama by the time it’s handed down, I’m sure by then you’ll be bitching about something else about him.

  • Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com

    Camilo, if you could put down the Kool Aid a minute, what part of the following November 2007 explict promise from Obama don’t you get?

    “As President, I will work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind enactment of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which will make nondiscrimination the official policy of the U.S. military. I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell. And I will direct my Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to develop procedures for taking re-accession requests from those qualified service members who were separated from the armed forces under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and still want to serve their country. The eradication of this policy will require more than just eliminating one statute. It will require the implementation of anti-harassment policies and protocols for dealing with abusive or discriminatory behavior as we transition our armed forces away from a policy of discrimination. The military must be our active partners in developing those policies and protocols. THAT WORK SHOULD HAVE STARTED LONG AGO. IT WILL START WHEN I TAKE OFFICE. America is ready to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. All that is required is leadership.”







  • Mark M

    I am a big supporter of McCain’s kid. She is pro gay, and not afraid to say it.

  • Dabq

    @Audrina: You have a right to your opinion, but, you really do need to check the rage and hate, funny how the n-word is always up in every Obama post here and used so freely, and, to think he isn’t putting the issues of the glbt community on the front burner, who could blame him?

    Don’t like what he has done in the first 100 days, don’t vote for him again as the majority of posters here have already said they won’t, screeching isn’t going to change anything, no matter how melodramatic the headlines are here and Palin will be more than happy for your votes and support.

  • Not straight

    Hey straight – know what? I feel sorry for you ya dumb bastard.

    You’re sentenced to a life married to someone whose going to turn into some fat old shrew (if she hasn’t already) dropping out screaming sh*t factories that you be like an anchor

    That’s your life.

    I work with guys like that and their only relief from this living hell is to work until midnight. There’s no way out for them. I honestly don’t know how they keep going and don’t blow their brains out.

    I have my freedom and would choose to by gay again in a New York minute. My being a gay guy attracted to the same sex means I can get no strings sex anytime I want it. Now how many fat cows do you have to get drunk for maybe even for the hope of a handjob?

  • TANK


    You’re dead to me.

  • Camilo


    First, stop with the Kool-Aid crap.


    I know it’s a stretch for the hysterical activists on this site, but try it for a change. Take a deep breath and THINK, not about ONE thing, but of EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING facing the nation. Why should this be elevated above anything else and put through quicker than economic stimulus packages, health care overhaul, and an exit plan in Iraq.


    Notice the KEY workd START. He does not say, it will be RESOLVED when I take office. It will START, not start and be completed immediately.

    It has STARTED!!!

    Did you not just read the list of things it is going to take to enact? perhaps if there were not TWO wars going on and other military matters at hand, he could have people spend MORE time on it. But it HAS started. The question is, are you patient enough to wait for the final outcome??

  • Audrina

    @Dabq: Exactly. and I am just tired of the repetitious “news”. The guy has said he will repeal clintons DADT, he has three years to fulfill this promise. I will judge him if he does not get this done during his first term. but i truly can’t take the name calling anymore. Queerty is getting really trashy and this lesbian is sick of it. He has not addressed the pending immigration bills yet also and us latinos are not calling him names.

  • Jared

    Gasp! A politictian doing nothing to fulfill his campaign promise? Le shock! That has never happened EVER in the history of politics, let alone in America!

    Seriously, I knew the guy was only paying lip service at best to the gay community since last July. Part of the reason why I didn’t vote for him.

  • BrianZ

    http://www.365gay.com/news/study-obama-doesnt-need-congress-to-halt-gay-discharges/ provides a nice study of what the legal situation is, regardless of what the apologists would like to believe.

    It seems that it’s the “bitching, whiny, drama queens” who won’t settle for this bullshit idea of waiting until the end of the term and then … what? Then you’ll bitch, whine and moan because we still have DADT? Quit the victim mentality and grow a pair. Standing up and demanding that politicians do what is RIGHT is not being a bitchy, whiny drama queen.

  • Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com

    Exactly HOW has HE started anything, Camilo? MORE people? How about ONE person? It’s been “kicked down the road,” remember?

    You’re so intent on making excuses for him you can’t even get the simple math right. “this nearly 25 year old policy”??? WRONG any way you look at it. DADT? Became law 15-years ago out of a policy 66-yrs. old. Let me help you some more with both your math and excuse generation. Someone named Craigkg created this “Official DailyKos Obama-Apologist Calendar of When it is Acceptable to Bring up the Topic of Gay Rights.” Key to numbers next to calendar colors below it.


    1. He just got into office for f*ck’s sake. Just STFU for now!
    2. It’s still early and he has a lot more important things to deal with. Just wait your turn and we’ll get around to it later.
    3. We’ve got midterm elections to win. You can’t expect us to address gay rights and run for office at the same time so just STFU! We’ll get get to gay rights after the election.
    4. We’re exhausted. We just had an election. The new Congress hasn’t even started yet. Just lay off on the “gay rights” stuff til later.
    5. We have to get Obama re-elected. Presidential elections take up the full two years of the cycle and you can’t expect Obama to kowtow to left wing GLBT activist extremists and expect win moderate votes, so just STFU!
    6. We just won re-election. Can you please just let us bask in the glow of that until after the inauguration?
    7. This Obama’s last chance to really govern. We have real issues to deal with without making it seem we’re beholden to some fringe special interest extremists like the GLBT community.
    8. Why are y’all just bring up gay rights now in the 6th year of President Obama’s term? You guys didn’t work for it and don’t deserve to have your issues addressed on your terms. Besides, we haven’t yet had a blue ribbon commission that will examine the issue for a year and issue a report, which will be followed by a peer reviewed study of the ramifications, which will be followed by a another commission which will examine the differences between the first commission report and the study. After that commission’s report is studied, we’ll make a recommendation to the President who will then have to have his advisors study the issue for a while. At that point, the President may add the recommendation to his State of the Union address. So give us another three years even though we’re only here only have one left.
    9. The commission is still doing its work behind closed doors, so don’t talk about gay rights at all. We have another Presidential election to win and we can’t be seen as being for gay rights in a Presidential election. Just STFU!
    10. Hey GLBT activists, we’re on our way out. Half the President’s advisors have already left for jobs in the private sector, Congress has adjourned until the new Congress begins. We are complete and utterly powerless lame ducks. What can the Obama Administration do for you? We’re here to help.

  • michael

    People, people, ever watched Zeitgeist? Obama is no Martin Luther King, he is no
    Ghandi, he is no Nelson Mandela. He is a scumbag politician who wears better suits than the last one wore. America is a backward hell hole and its circling the drain! And it should because Karma demands it. The world has not seen anything yet of what its about to witness coming out of the U.S. Within two years inflation will be so rampant that people will be rushing to the grocery as soon as their paychecks are deposited in an attempt to beat price increases that literally happen daily. Interest rates will be out the roof. Unless a foreign company can buy our companies, pack them up and carry them home they will want no part of America. Nobody will have any rights, it will be a police state. The U.S. will be totally bankrupt, Fear and violence will run rampant. You laugh, but you would have laughed 10 years ago if someone had told you todays state of affairs. The outer world eventually reflects the inner world and most of the citizens of the U.S. have ugly inner worlds. You have no rights as gay people because the citizens of your country do not want you to and the grand whore you have elected will see that through. Obama had a minister who told him like it was, the spiritual world was warning him, but he chose to sell his soul along with his spiritual advisor. Now he serves a different master. But for now most of you will buy into the mask but in 2 years you will see behind it and it will be to late.

  • I Pooped Michael

    ughhhh can you ban Michael’s IP? he is utterly useless.

  • Paul

    @Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com:

    Michael, thanks for the Obama Gay rights Calendar. It would be totally halarious except that it is probably right on the mark. I voted for the guy but I am already so sick of Obamacons as they are sounding more like our civil rights opponents every day.

  • Glenn I

    Obama to CIA torturers: Don’t worry. I refuse to follow the law. I will not prosecute you.

    Obama to gay servicemembers: I have to follow the law. I will kick you out of the military. Sorry about that.

    Ah, Hope, thou art audacious!

    Oddly, I don’t recall the first statement being the result of any campaign promise.

  • I Pooped Michael


    You sound like a bitchy queen NOW. what the hell did you expect, Obama to forget about the economy and the shitload of other crap so he could stop and repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? It isn’t that easy and I support Obama still. Don’t be such a pessimistic booger-head. Have faith that he will do it, but give him time for god’s sake.

  • Paul

    @I Pooped Michael: Jeezz dude, you need to lighten up a bit. You are sounding like you DID drink the cool aid that the other Michael poster (leonard) was talking about.

    Actually I think the guy speaks some truth. I mean do you follow at all what is happening with the Torture story? News flash, today, Obama has threatened the UK that if they release torture information that they will withold top secret information regarding the UKs safety.


    It seems Obama in some regards is not any different than the worst Bush policies. Torture, illegal wiretaps, etc.

    Back to the GLBTQ civil rights issues: What exactly has Obama done for us??? I am patiently waiting while I wipe off the ricky warren sludge that he tossed in my face.

  • michael

    @I Pooped Michael: Why? Because you live in fear and despise anything you have no control over? Others have been part of great nations that have seen themselves left in ruins. Can you not fathom the world might be a better place once this is all finished? No, you cannot, because it is following the ego that is bring America to its knees and you serve the same master. Tell me, how is that working out for you?

  • Paul

    @I Pooped Michael: Oh please, like the administration can’t chew gum and walk at the same time??? Please retire this stupid line, it makes the administration look worse than it probably is.

    News flash: They can, they just don’t want to!

  • troy

    Wasn’t it M.L. king jr. that said freedom is NEVER voluntarily given by the oppressor but must be demanded from the oppressor? Do we ever learn, even though there have been those who have walked this road before us we spit in the face of their wisdom.
    As far as Obama not having time to pat his head and rub his stomach at the same time
    Best I can remember there was something called Vietnam going on while the civil rights movement was taking place. Are you saying that L.B.J. was a more effective leader than Obama? The Obama excuses are really getting pathetic. This country has worked through great depressions, World Wars, and we cannot change a bigoted military policy while loaning money to some crooked bankers? Maybe we are pathetic but I think its more like the earlier comment that our present regime just does not want to.

  • The Lesbian Mafia

    @Audrina: Obot audrinarita, nobody cares about clinton either. Barky is a liar, a homophobic bigot and a sexist.

  • jamesjames

    @michael: ha isn’t that a laugh, Obama being Martin Luther King.

    Not to mention Coretta King had a lot to say about MLK and his problems with women. So if you are a misogynist I’m not sure how he would have supposedly been in favor of gay rights but OK.

  • jamesjames

    Except for some of the paranoia added in for effect … The Obama Deception was a really good movie. You can watch it in it’s entirely, HD on Youtube. It’s 2 hours. Make some popcorn and watch the hypocrite Barak Obama.

  • Camilo

    “the Obama excuses” – whatver

    You guys are irrational and demanding. Most of you didn’t read everything I wrote about the kind of policies he is drafting to replace DADT.

    I’ve decided I really need to stop coming to this site because it is slanted toward anti-Obama sensationalism not based on rationality or common sense. It’s all US US US US NOW NOW NOW.

    No one can see anything outside their immediate activist agenda.

    Oh maybe rational places like the HRC, but then your radicalism POOH POOHS them.

    Extremists are the ones replying here and I am done with this.

    Queerty and it’s radical activist agenda readers can post their rants, thank God I have friends that are gay and Lesbian like myself that give me the reality check that the entire community is not made up of the screaming drama queens you are.

    You won’t even give the man a chance, that’s what gets me. Coming out of EIGHT years of BUllSHit, you want everything it a snap.

    It’s illogical, and I won’t listen to your crap anymore, not that you care.

    Adios bitches, I’m going to go pour myself another glass of Kool-Aid.

    P.S. Audrina, care to join me?

  • Random Gay Guy

    I find this site has a somewhat warrented bias on Obama and his policies. I understand that his silence on these issues has been pretty unsettling, however laying the blame solely on his feet is a little uncalled for. An executive order at this time would just serve as a quick fix and distraction from what we really need to happen. We need a court case or a legislative act to provide the final blow to “Don’t ask,Don’t tell”
    Also, to the few that are considering sides because they are pissed at the guy trying to fix the economy and navigate through 2 wars at the moment, get over yourselves. You guys and the writers need to realize that the fact that Obama is in office is the only reason we can even talk about getting rid of DADT. He is the most pro-gay president we have ever had. A republican majority would certainly be the end to any gay rights talks. Feeling bitter does not justify being stupid.
    If you really want to write some articles on the people that we should be yelling at, start writing articles about the members of Congress. Executive Orders can be removed by Presidents.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Camilo: What you don’t seem to get is that this has less to do with what he has or hasn’t done for our community, and more to do with the fact that he’s pretty much ignored us (at best) since he took office. I believe all but the most rabid Obamaphobes would be a lot more inclined to be patient about things if he’d just talk to us (or even about us) once in a while. I voted for the man. I’m certainly not ashamed of that.

    But you know that old saying “If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain?” Well, I voted, so I am entitled to hold the president of my choosing accountable as much as anyone else who voted for him. Making excuses and turning a blind eye accomplish nothing. Barack Obama is not the second coming of jesus. He’s a human being in a position of power. He’ll make more than one mistake during his time in office, and that’s something any rational person should have known before voting for him, or anyone.

    It is not disloyal to question. It is not disloyal to expect recognition, even when there isn’t an election going on. And it’s certainly not disloyal to want to know when he’s going to get around to making good on the promises that were made to us before the election. A lot of us invested a lot of time and money, as yes, hope, to see Barack Obama put in office. All we want is a return on that investment.

  • Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com

    Oh, now we’re “radicals”?

    “Most of you didn’t read everything I wrote about the kind of policies he is drafting to replace DADT”

    …that’s because they only exist in YOUR MIND.

    Again, excusing his not doing anything because a future President or Congress might reverse him is nonsense. They might. They might not. The REPUBLICAN controlled Congress didn’t reverse Harry Truman’s Executive Order racially integrating the military when at least 63% of the public opposed integration.

    “But it’s a law! It’s a law!” And Obama can stop the bleeding until Dr. Congress arrives.

    The fact that he refuses makes him morally negligent, and the constantly recalibrating excuses why he does makes you morally repugnant — and betrayers to your own gay brothers and sisters in the name of keeping your candles burning to St. Barack.

  • atdleft

    @Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com: I don’t know if I’ll go that negative on President Obama, but I do agree with you that he can “stop the bleeding” now while we wait on Congressional action. Why must more good soldiers be fired? I’ve had enough of it!

    And to all the “Obamapologists” here, let me just say this. I endorsed Obama last June as soon as Hillary announced she’d drop out. I gave as much $$$$ as I could to Obama. I even traveled to Nevada multiple times (including Election Week!) to campaign for Obama!

    So please, please don’t try to bash all of us as “bitter PUMA dead-enders”. Believe it or not, most of us really do care about real progressive values like LGBT civil rights and DO want President Obama to succeed. That’s why we’re pushing him to do more and do better.

  • troy

    @Jared: Good for you for having the guts to not follow the rest of we who were to weak to listen to ourselves and follow suit. The man does not deserve the job, then again who does?

  • Dennis

    You may be outnumbered, but thank you for trying to speak some reason to the Queerty Wingnuts…I’ve had to take a break from these screeeeching ‘wingbots’, and am trying to wean myself from this O-bashing site…

    EVERY GLBT person thinks DADT sucks, and we all want to see it repealed. LASTING, NON-REVOCABLE change is what we need, and I too, beleive that Obama is going for this goal. Fundies, real bigots and homophobes will try everything at their disposal to overturn or fight any change to DADT, and there are A LOT of them, with real power in the military. At the same time, I am frustrated that Obama has not been more vocal, more of an advocate for us as well…

    We need (even) MORE media presence, visible demonstrations, more DADT vets to tell their stories, and to up the pressure to make sure someting happens in the next months…

  • troy

    @Camilo: Fuck you, fuck you very very mu-uch.
    Cause we hate your whole crew and the things that you do so please don’t stay in touch. Fuck you, fuck you very very mu-uh-uh-uch. Cause your words don’t translate and its getting quite late so please don’t stay in touch. Did you think anyone would really give a shit if you left? You really over estimate your importance here, and probably everywhere!

  • michael

    @Camilo: “Radical Activist Agenda” Oh my God, you usurped phrases used by the Bush administration! I always say, opposites are usually just the same bullshit, just a different color and your proof that the so called “left” and the so called “right” in this country are really just twins holding hands. You don’t like something so you coin your little phrases to demonize and demoralize. Fact is that you have no more to defend Obama with than the Republicans ever had with Bush. This is why the U.S. will not change, because everyone is just alike, asleep.

  • afrolito


    “@Audrina: You have a right to your opinion, but, you really do need to check the rage and hate, funny how the n-word is always up in every Obama post here and used so freely, and, to think he isn’t putting the issues of the glbt community on the front burner, who could blame him?

    Don’t like what he has done in the first 100 days, don’t vote for him again as the majority of posters here have already said they won’t, screeching isn’t going to change anything, no matter how melodramatic the headlines are here and Palin will be more than happy for your votes and support.”


    These people are ridiculous.

  • michael

    @afrolito: Afrolito, you are so racist. Obama could start killing babies and you would make excuses for him just cause he is black.
    You would sell out every gay brother and sister on the planet to make him look valid.
    Fact are that he started selling us out long before he was elected and it has nothing to do with his skin color. You inject that crap just as often as those who drop the n-bomb. But thats why you react to them, cause your just like them.

  • Brian Miller


    I’ve decided I really need to stop coming to this site because it is slanted toward anti-Obama sensationalism not based on rationality or common sense. It’s all US US US US NOW NOW NOW.

    Which differs from the Obama campaign’s rhetoric… how, exactly?

    Are you seeking to change the terms of the deal?

    The deal was “give you money money money now now now” and “give you votes votes votes now now now” and we’d get “change change change soon soon soon.”

    Now you’re changing the rules of the game after you got those votes and that campaign cash to “we’ll think about change maybe after we file our nails. In a few years. Possibly.”

    If Obama loses the election in 2012 due to a lack of queer support and money, will you guys accept gay folks saying “it’s all US US US NOW NOW NOW” in response to your howls of rage and protest?

    Something tells me the answer is “no.”

  • Michael W.

    @troy: “Best I can remember there was something called Vietnam going on while the civil rights movement was taking place. Are you saying that L.B.J. was a more effective leader than Obama?”

    Do you also remember that Vietnam was a disaster that forced LBJ to practically resign in disgrace after he lost control of the Democratic party and surrendered the White House to Richard Nixon? LOL.

    Citing Vietnam as an example of the great multi-tasking abilities of a president runs counter to your argument, buddy. I can only assume that you’re a little kid and don’t “remember” any of the sort.

    So no, we’re not saying LBJ was a more effective leader. But he certainly had a lot more time than 100 some odd days to judge his presidency at least.

  • Dennis

    Does Lily Allen have a song called “Nasty Cunt”? ‘Cuz it would be just perfect for you…why so hateful, sweetie? People can express varying opinions here, and we engage in some occasional bitchslaps, but that was really a bit much.

    You’re a cunt, you’re you’re a nasty, nasty, cu-uu-uu-unt, how’dya like that little tune? Grow up.

  • james p. p.

    this is sooooooooo a second term issue…..

  • troy

    @Dennis: @Dennis: @Dennis:

    Fuck you and the whores ass you fell out of mommie dearest!

  • afrolito


    Like I said…you people are ridiculous. Thanks for providing more proof.

  • Dennis

    Sticks and stones, bitch…you know LOTS of swear words, but not much else. Kisses!

  • Paul

    Wow! I realize that from an early age we are taught that we are pieces of crap that don’t matter and are the walking manifestation of sin but it amazes me that after so many years of abuse, discrimination etc. that so many of us still have such low self worth. I mean still here we are putting our importance below money and the economy. Still we are willing to just wait “till they can get around to us” and if any of us stand up and say, no, not anymore we are chastised as radicals, or crazies by our own kind. This is sad and shameful and I cannot believe that after centuries of being kicked in the teeth we are still so complacent and expect, no demand, others to be as well.

    This is utterly ridiculous and shows just how insidious low self worth is in our community. It is no wonder that our youth turn to drugs and suicide at a rate higher than straight youth. There is nothing to look up to, absolutely nothing saying that your important and that you come first and by the comments I see on this thread it looks like that cycle is not going to get any better. Unless something greater than ourselves takes pity and intervenes we are destinied to stay as stuck as we always have been and those of you who demoralize those who sick and tired of being sick and tired and demanding otherwise should be ashamed of yourselves. You sound like you were planted by the opposition, or at least I want to believe that because otherwise it is disguisting to think that there are gay people still out there fighting against their own kind.

  • Paul

    @Dennis: Interesting that you think calling someone a cunt makes you more mature, very interesting.

  • TANK

    Yes. We need to be lock-step. KAPOS should be exterminated, as they are the lowest form of life. Dissenting opinions are for majorities who have all of the social capital. You may entertain the delusion of your individuality after the terms of the demands have been met. Notice I said should be. But many of you hapless defenders of his stalling are no better than the christers and homophobes who post here every day.

  • Dennis

    didn’t say anything about me being more mature, just get tired of certain bitchslaps going unchallenged…an eye for an eye, no better, no worse…

    I do make a point to make sure most of my posts here are trying to actually “say something”, rather than just being bitchy for bitchiness’ sake…you know, some balance.

  • troy

    @Paul: Dennis just caught himself in a mirror and did not like the reflection. I am sure he is quite used to that.

  • troy

    @TANK: With all due respect I don’t know why your shocked. The only people who hate gay people more than right wing religious and political nuts are gay people themselves. Your never going to get others to love you if you don’t love yourself and we are the masters of loathing ourselves and each other.

  • troy

    Whoops! My comment was meant to respond to Paul not Tank, sorry about hitting the wrong poster.

  • TANK


    I am not shocked. I am reclining. Afrolito–or as she prefers, jasmyne cannick, jr.– and the coterie of obama’s most vituperate defenders have said on numerous occasions that gay rights are “stupid” and that they don’t care about them. These people are no better than the most worthless repulsive christer fundamentalist. Only they’re kapos…and kapos need killin’.

  • michael

    @afrolito: Best you can do? Well of course it is. What a simpleton.

  • Dennis

    OK, done looking in the mirror (yeah, everything’s fine)…

    Just want to say to everyone who wants an Executive Order, is that, as I understand it, Executive Orders are not that hard to rescind/repeal/overturn….What about in 2012/2016/2020 if a rethuglican, or a “hidden” homophobe, or another Goddamn evangelical wins the election…it could happen. What happens to Obama’s executive order then?

    We need lasting and permanent change to DADT, and the way to accomplish that MOST effectively is through congressional action, not just a presidential order. This takes longer, but will provide a solution that is much harder to repeal/overturn. Public support is our side..we need to pressure Obama, AND congress to make something happen. With legislative support AND a presidential signature, DADT will be done forever. FOREVER!

  • The Gay Numbers

    Do people here read other sites? I sense that you do not read the news or read other sites if you think this is a question asked by Queerty alone. I thought Queery as of last week was going too far too, but then other outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, Daily Kos, Americablog, Pam’s House of Blend, the NY TImes, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Independent (of the UK) (to name a few) all discussed these issues and said Obama is back peddling. Obama’s press secretary has refused to respond to the concerns His surrogates were on the Sunday talk political talk shows doing the same. Denial is an amazing thing to observe.

  • straight

    You queers crack me up.

    You gals really want to know how to gain mass acceptance and get your rights too?

    Get organized and dump all the cross dressers, transsexual, glam-cunts and all the “fuck you staighty, gay is the way to go” types and just be normal. You know what I’m talking about, the gays that shove gayness down every ones throat just for the pleasure of making people uncomfortable.

    I have a good friend that’s gay, but I didn’t find out until a year after I met him. None of his behavior was “weird”. Just a normal guy.

    If you came across as just normal people who happen to be attracted to the same sex, everyone would have a much easier time accepting it. It becomes annoying and weird when, i.e. guys feel they need to get boobs and cut their genitals off, then prance around calling themselves Tamara now, instead of Tony.

    Or lets not get so extreme. How about just your average joe gay guy. Why do you have to have crisp Ss and the feminine pronunciation? Why, oh why do you have to be so friggin weird about it.

    Just get your gayness on behind closed doors like every body else, and when you come out, go about your business like everybody else. Very simple. Stop dancing around the streets in dresses singing YMCA.

  • Dennis

    You straights crack me up…trolling around gay sites in the middle of the night, offering hilarious advice about how we can get a moron like you to approve of us…Ha! Look, please understand almost ALL of the gays on this site couldn’t give a flying fuck about gaining YOUR approval. We really, trully, don’t care what brain-dead heteros such as yourself think, nor would most of us care to be anything like you. Most of us know, and love, many cool, educated, accepting, interesting straight folks…and you are an embarassment to the term “straight”.

    Run along now, “Joe the Plumber” wannabee, and please, please don’t breed, as we have enough imbeciles on the planet already.

  • Not straight

    Hey straight –

    I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about that gay friend you mentioned in a sexual way haven’t you? C’mon, admit it to yourself at least.

  • Ayden


    I am gay, but I agree with you that we should not promote transexuals/transvestites. They are embarrassing for the whole GLB community. However, I would be careful not to equate effeminate behavior with homosexuality or “gayness”. I hate to perpetuate stereotypes. Whilst you’re correct in saying that cutting off/growing genitalia, etc. is embarrassing to the public image of gays at large, this is only a small minority of people. Most gays are just ‘normal’, they just integrate into society perfectly.

    @Everyone Who Hates on Obama:

    Obama has made a commitment to repeal DADT – he never promised to do so within the first 100 days. I think we should give him 2 years before we really pressure him to repeal the policy. I agree that this is an important issue and that discrimination in the military is unacceptable, but Obama is simply being conscientious to our public image (as Straight mentioned, the abundance of transvestites terrifies some members of the heterosexual community).

    We need to remember that Obama is our friend.

    GLB = gay lesbian bisexual

  • Ayden

    @Not Straight:

    That comment is incredibly offensive to all people in mixed-sex relationships.

    We NEED straight allies. Can you please do something constructive for the community, instead of hating on those who support us. Thank you.

  • ousslander

    @Audrina: Just like Clinton, Obama doesn’t think we are good enough to serve or marry each other. Why, that’s just an [email protected]Ayden: most transvestites are straight

  • Mark M

    It’s painful, but we just need to accept that we are seen as a liability- even to Obama.

  • osocubano

    My, my, we’re in a screechy mood today…

  • Michael @ leonardmatlovich.com

    @Dennis: and others:

    1. Of course, candidate Obama DID explicity make this promise regarding when he would begin throwing “the full weight of my admininstration behind” convincing Congress to repeal DADT: “It will start when I take office.” By your definition, he has not yet taken office so what is Bush doing in Texas?

    2. Anything this Congress does could also be reversed by the next Congress so a big fat F for your “there’s no point in his doing anything” blah blah blah.

    3. No, that was not, unfortunately, Queerty disguised as two different reporters challenging Deputy Barney Fife, er, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs yesterday as he made excuses, er, responded on Sam Nunn’s, er, Mr. Obama’s behalf [Pentagon, er, cat got your tongue?] to Daniel Choi:

    You’re toast, Danny Boy! Highly trained at taxpayers’ expense toast; an officer among oafs toast; a combat veteran among cretins toast; possessing skills critical to our national security toast; but still toast. Don’t let the giant Fairey PROGRESS, CHANGE, HOPE posters hit you on your way out, fairy!

    For those non linguists having trouble translating Gibbs reasons of “fundamental reform,” “legislative vehicle,” “sustainable and durable,” “the dog ate our homework,” “snow drifts 20-ft. deep” ….

    “Dr. Congress isn’t here and my guy with a room full of bandages is not willing to stop the bleeding. Anyone declared toast, er, “not in our national interest,” er, dead is unfortunate collateral damage, er, not his fault.” [img]http://magyar.mashkulture.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/shepard_fairey_obama_inaugural_print.jpg[/img]

  • jamesjames

    Obots do embarrassing things like post lyrics to a junkie like Lily Allen’s song to make a point. LMAO! This is the Obot generation.

    The only thing little Obots know how to do is sing songs to Barky Oblahblah, then get drunk and smoke pot … maybe sniff some shit up their nose.

    Go watch MSNBC that is the station for High Schoolers and Freshmen in college.

    If you don’t like the fact that yo daddy Barky Oblahblha is a nasty bigot then go read Obag worshipping sites like Huffpo or the NYT …. but hurry because who knows how long that O-rag will be around.

    Here are the facts kiddy’s we will never stop speaking the truth about what a collosal disappointment Oblahblah is. After lying for two years we already get it because he doesn’t care to even try to pretend he’s not a bigot.

    So go buy yourself some Barky Obama sneakers, get a jacket with his ugly face on it with his dumbo ears, and go dancing bitches becuase you got robbed bitch and the hyterical part is you don’t even know it. So dance the night away to a mixed tape you made for Oblahblah because that bitch ain’t coming to save you. He makes jokes about you. He thinks your being gay is funny, like a joke to make at some dinner with strung out low-file celebrity trash. He’s the biggest celebrity in the wooooooooooorrrrrrrldd!

    O-bag is the biggest celebrity is the wooooooooooooooooooooorld!

    Maybe he and ME-chelle will make a SEX TAPE! Then we can all throw up!

  • rigs

    Look, I’m not happy with it, but I’m giving him until end of first term to deliver on DADT and DOMA… if he doesn’t i’m not voting for him again

  • michael

    Trust is something earned, it is not given. Has Obama earned our trust? Ask yourself that while you sit around and give him 4 years to do something. Nobody would tolerate him doing nothing if the economy was a stake or a million other issues, but we gays seem happy to sit on the back of the bus. Maybe that why we are still sitting there.

  • TANK


    You ignorant faggot.

  • michael

    @Ayden: Trans folk are embarrassing?
    Your obviously as sick as those “straights” who need to look down on us and oppress us to feel powerful and good about themselves.
    Your not embarrassed at anyone but yourself and you are looking for something that you think you are superior to in order to pull your self up some illusory food chain. And by the way? Who elected you as a spokesperson for the entire gay community? Your comment that trans folks are an embarrassment to all of us is projection and shows that you have to pull in others to validate your hatred. If you are going to make statements like that then have some backbone and integrity and stand on your own. Co-dependence is an ugly disease which requires the individual to lie and manipulate in order to control. You are not bright enough to speak for anyone, you do a piss poor job of speaking for yourself.

  • michael

    @TANK: Tank, he is not a faggot, nor is he even gay. He reminds me of the scene in the film the Shawshank Redemption where the Tim Robbins refers to a group of inmates who gang rape other inmates as homosexuals. Morgan Freeman replies to his comment by saying “they are not homosexuals, homosexuals have a heart. Ayden is not gay nor is he a faggot, both of those have a heart, Ayden definitely does not.

  • lauren

    I agree with Michael… the guy JUST GOT INTO OFFICE and um, kind of has a lot on his plate? Gay rights are very important, but I think they fall behind saving our country from utter economic collapse and fixing our direly bad health care situation. Chill out, people. At least he’s about a zillion times better than Bush, and I have no doubt he’ll get to improving gay rights within 1 term. Just let him do his thing!

  • Ousslander

    @lauren:he has time on working amnesty for illegal aliens but not for us. You might not mind waiting line behind non- citizens but i’m not.

  • michael

    @Camilo: It should start above all other things because it is an issue of oppression of human beings. But like so many your God is $$$$ money and you would sell your soul for it. For once I am more important than a crooked Wall Street banker. I am more important than a fucking war that will never be won. Your spiritually bankrupt, just like America is. Its good to know the outer world does reflect the inner. And as far as starting, what evidence have you that anything has started? None.
    Enjoy your cash while you can because our country is being sold out to a mountain of debt anyway and it won’t be worth much in the near future anyway.

  • michael

    @lauren: Another spiritually bankrupt fool that puts everything and everyone else above human rights.

  • ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    Your a tool, I knew it once you tried to state the similarities between Bush and Obama. An absolute tool who has no brain.

  • ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    You should take over, your so right, balancing the economy, two wars, etc. is like walking and repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is like chewing gum at the same time! You sir are a genius!

  • michael

    @ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt: If I were you, and I could not post a more intelligent comment than the last 2 that you have I would probably be keeping my mouth shut. Your comments are childish, don’t make any sense foolish and that of an imbecile (I know, you will have to look that up). If you were bright, which you definitely are not, you would point out why the poster is a “tool” for comparing the 2 presidents, who’s tool? And how do you know that. I just get so sick and tired of uneducated fools posting ignorant rebuttals because they do not have the brains to make an intelligent point. Jesus, wouldn’t a brain as small as yours be of better use checking the air pressure of the tires that hold up your home?

  • ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    yes, I should yield to you oh smart one. He IS a tool and so are you and a dramatic bitchy queen. complaining about Obama when he’s only been president for 100 days and trying to make him out to be like Bush, THAT isn’t very bright Michael. So stfu with your false intellectual crap.

  • michael

    @ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt: God your so low rent, incapable of a thought process or statement without resorting to your ignorant name calling. Goodness, either a person has integrity or they don’t. It does not take 100 days to see that. You really need to get an education, your obviously a product of the broken educational system in the United States. I can only imagine what the tttttttt stands for. But it suits you.

  • tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    “product of the broken educational system in the United States”

    we can’t all be privileged enough to live in the blessed land of Canada. lol.

    But in all seriousness you have no right commenting on this post. Like you give a shit about Obama, you clearly don’t give a shit about the US. My point is very simple, Obama gets 4 years in my book, I’m not so pushy that I’m going to start questioning his integrity after 100 days. So come back to me in 4 years and call me “stupid” “unintelligent” and “childish” but until then I am still going to call you a snobby, arrogant, self-centered cunt. Is that immature enough for you? I hope so.

  • Tony

    Hmmm. Are we finally getting the picture on this guy. He just does not like the gays, period, end of story. He needed our votes when the election looked like it would be close. Since the Repubs have totally become the brand of last choice, he does not need us, and we are immediately thrown under the bus like a used condom.

    Brand Obama is a typical douchebag politician. White libs fell in love with the fact that he could be called “black” while having the same cred that the other so-called Ivy League “progressives” carry without actually caring about those who are facing the reality of economic hardship and real discrimination.

    Obama. Bigot. Empty suit. All around douchebag. Bush’s third term. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Russ


    I don’t think Obama can be compared to Bush (yet) but I don’t disagree with you that Obama likely has no intention of doing very much for the GLBT voters that helped get him elected. Now the question is, can we send him the message that he has lost our support and see what he does come the end of this term.

  • Need supporters

    Hey all, I have what I believe to be a great idea for an equal rights campaign to help get equal rights to gay couples while also satisfying the religious objectors “sanctity” of marriage. This idea isn’t specific to the gay couples wanting partnership rights, this idea also affects straight couples and how they acquire partnership rights.

    I’m not gay and that’s why I’m having such a hard time establishing whether or not the gay community would be in favor of my campaign.

    Please email me at [email protected] if you have time to discuss my campaign. I really think we could get something done on both sides of the board with this concept, I just need to establish whether the gay community agrees or sees my idea as acceptable etc etc.

    Yes the email is real, it’s obviously named for its purpose and easy to remember, hopefully if I get enough supporters we can make something happen.


  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Need supporters: Unless you want people to assume you’re just looking for e-mail addresses to sell to spammers, you should probably elaborate a little on this mysterious idea of yours.

  • Need Supporters

    @vernonvanderbilt: Lol! I have much easier ways of acquiring emails for any spam I might want to do.

    I don’t have anything to spam though.

    I didn’t want to broadcast the idea to avoid negative comments in response to my post because I’d likely not return to read them or return a message for clarification or debate etc.

    I did have someone from the forums email me and they sound as if they had the idea or maybe the idea has come up before. I’ll need to speak with them about where they got the information they sent me before I start blurting out my idea.

    I don’t want to come off as being the original idea creator if it’s not an original idea. I’m sure you could appreciate that thought.

    The idea should satisfy both groups of people equally.

    I’m not really a gay community supporter, nor am I religious so I don’t support those guys either, but I do support equal rights. And so long as the individual is classified as a human being, they deserve the same rights everyone else does.

    Shoot me an email if you want more information. By all means create an alias email like I did just to receive the emails, I don’t care how you get a hold of me. The more people from the gay community that give me their input the better it will be to help satisfy the gay community’s wants and needs.

  • Steve

    @Camilo: The problem is not that he has not finished any gay agenda item. The problem is that he took all of the gay agenda items completely off of his agenda. Civil rights issues (gay rights) were at the top of his agenda. Now, they aren’t even on his posted agenda.

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