Cole Sprouse eats his meat sensually: “Don’t you kink shame me.”

There are marketing campaigns, and then there’s this.

The very queer-friendly CW show Riverdale is about to become available to steam on Netflix, so one of the stars signed up to seductively eat a hamburger. And that, friends, is just sound and solid logic.

OK, so actually there is a reason here.

The show, centered around the characters of the Archie comic series, has had a notable lack of burgers compared with its source material.

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Sprouse’s character, Jughead, is known in the comics as a particularly vacuum-esqe consumer of the ground meat product.

And that’s about all the reasoning you’re going to get. Satisfied?

The Internet, for one, is definitely satisfied:

Eventually, Cole addressed his apparent “kink”:

Whatever floats your boat, Cole. We support you.

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h/t Unicorn Booty