College Activist Buys Antigay Politician’s Web Domain, Turns It Into LGBT Equality Site

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.08.15 AMLast month we heard about a pair of self-described “high-tech bears” who bought the domain JebBushforPresident.com to educate people on LGBT issues, and it appears they may have started a trend.

Dylan Hailey, a 21-year-old college junior, noticed earlier this month that antigay Republican Idaho state representative Paul Shepherd’s web domain was due for renewal.

Hailey did what any tech-savvy LGBT supporter with a little spare cash/time would do — he swiped paulshepherdusa.com and has since turned it into a place to promote equality.

“When I went to his campaign site I realized he had not renewed it, so I called up my registrar and got it first,” Hailey told Vice.

“He likely bought it for an extended period of time and forgot to renew it or the staffer in charge of it forgot or quit.”

Shepherd, who wants Congress to impeach any federal judges who allow gay marriage, is naturally a bit upset.

And true to form, his response to the takeover employs some royally fu**ed logic to make his sad, pitiful point. He compared Hailey and all LGBT people to slave owners. Yes, slave owners.

Here’s how:

“Slave owners were very good Christians and good people. [Slave owners] weren’t terrible, rotten horrible people,” he said. “And that’s how I see gay people.”

He’s also described the fight to stop gay marriage as being about “saving society from moral pitfalls.”

Hailey has offered to give back the domain under one condition — that Shepherd mades a donation to an LGBT organization.

We won’t be holding our breath on that one.

h/t: GayStarNews

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